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Alumni Cambodunum
Kempten University of Applied Sciences
Bahnhofstraße 61
87435 Kempten (Allgäu)



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Alumni Cambodunum - Absolventenvereinigung der Hochschule Kempten e.V.


About us

Alumni Cambodunum - Absolventenvereinigung der Hochschule Kempten – is an association of graduates of the Kempten University of Applied Sciences. It is a registered association. The alumni association is for former students of Kempten University of Applied Sciences. The purpose of the association is to support and promote teaching and research at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, and to maintain contact and a continuing productive exchange between alumni, teaching staff, students and business. The association is independent and non-political. It is a not-for-profit organisation and pursues primarily charitable goals.

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Our goals

The association seeks: 

  • to maintain and develop links between graduates of Kempten University of Applied Sciences. We keep a membership list which all ordinary members can access, and informal exchanges at regular meetings and other events provides a framework for networking know-how.
  • to promote professional development. The association aims to run a wide and diverse range of events addressing current issues of direct use and interest to alumni.
  • to support teaching at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Students do not/cannot find out whether teaching and placement content and material was tailored to work until they leave university. The experience of alumni in the form of critical feedback can help improve University training.
  • to answer key questions such as routes to a professional career and specialisms by supporting current students at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. The association also aims to facilitate placements, final year dissertations, etc.
  • to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology at Kempten University of Applied Sciences – a fundamental aspect of association work. This long-term commitment is to further strengthen links between the University and business, benefitting the economy in both Kempten and the Allgäu region as a whole.
  • to improve links to business. We offer companies contact with students, graduates and professors. This interface function benefits both the new members of staff and the companies themselves. It enables problems to be discussed and dealt with on a broader basis and synergies to be harnessed.

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The Board and its work

The current Board was elected for a term of two years at the general meeting in October 2008. The members of the Executive Board are:

   Chair: Gerhard Weiß
   Vice-chair: Ghomas Bein
   Deputy Vice-chair: Markus Fischer
   Treasurer: Niko Martin
   Secretary: Christian Honold

The Board 2015: Niko Martin, Thomas Bein, Gisela Holstein-Hage, Markus Fischer, Gerhard Weiß

The association also has an elected Advisory Board.
The Board decides on and schedules association work in collaboration with working groups (see link for dates). This involves keeping an up-to-date directory of members (see above for the benefits) and developing a programme of events. The Board also carries out the duties assigned to it in the statutesLink to the statutes.

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Membership is open first and foremost to those who have completed a degree at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Those with particular links to Kempten University of Applied Sciences can become donors. Ordinary and donor members pay a membership fee of € 45 per annum. Students are exempt from the fee and companies pay double. Those who join the association within one year of graduating pay only half of the first annual fee. Applications for membership should be made to the Board in writing. A membership application is available to print off here. Link zum Mitgliedsantrag.

By attending general meetings and association events, all members can and should help shape association policy. We therefore strongly encourage active membership


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