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University Executive Board

Kempten University of Applied Sciences is led by an executive committee consisting of the president, three vice-presidents and the director of finance and administration. The main role of the Governing Board is the development and management of the University.

The president represents Kempten University of Applied Sciences in external affairs. As chair of the Governing Board, he or she proposes initiatives for further discussion and is responsible for developing the basic outlines of University policy objectives. He or she implements the decisions of the central deliberative bodies and fulfil the duties defined in the Bavarian higher education institution act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz). He or she reports to the Senate and the University Council on the funding and human resources allocation policy. Presidents serve for ten semesters.

The vice-presidents assist the president in his or her duties. The director of finance and administration is responsible for University finance and is head of the University administration.

Members of the University Executive Board

PresidentProf. Dr.Wolfgang Hauke
Vice-President (Teaching and Quality Management)Prof. Dr. Dirk Jacob
Vice-President (Research and Development)Prof. Dr. Andreas Rupp
Vice-President (International Affairs and Further Education)Prof. Dr. Mechtild Becker
Director of Finance and AdministrationChristian Herrmann

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