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Rethinking care!

Welcome to the Bavarian Center for Digital Health and Social Care, the research institute focusing on ageing, digitalisation and care. We conduct research on the future questions and problems arising in nursing and care during the digital revolution, which have to be addressed in people’s domestic environments and in the outpatient and inpatient sectors. We advise politics and society, social operators and industry with the aim of redesigning elderly care utilising digital options. Our research centre regards itself as a driving force behind inspiration and innovation in smart digital solutions in care, accompanying the change processes that go hand in hand with increasing digitalisation. In this research context, we work independently, objectively and based on evidence. In addition, we see ourselves as a central networking hub in the domain of care, industry and science.


Bavarian Research Center for Digital Health and Social Care
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 6,
87437 Kempten (Allgäu), Germany

Scientific Director
Professor Johannes Zacher

Operations Manager
Alexander Karl
Tel. +49 (0)831 870235 10

  • Porträt Prof. Dr. Johannes Zacher

    “All my professional life, I have been able to dedicate myself to intergenerational cooperation and working for older people. During this time, the sector has developed many professional skillsets and we are always working better and more individually, safely and scientifically ─ even if the image of elderly care often comes across differently to the public. Now we have the chance to experience another big step towards participative, collaborative and diversified care through digitalisation. Local, digitally-supported networks of committed individuals will work on an equal footing with socially and technically adept care professionals and service providers in smart home environments. Our research is dedicated to this vision.”

    - Professor Johannes Zacher (Scientific Director, Bavarian Center for Digital Health & Social Care)
  • Porträt Alexander Karl

    “Currently, the lion’s share of care is provided in people’s own homes, and this trend will continue to grow in the years ahead. In this context, digitalisation can make a significant contribution to relieving the burden and improving the quality of care ─ both at home and in the in-patient sector. Despite a multitude of digital solutions, the breakthrough and the associated relief for caregivers is only taking place to a limited degree. Now is the time to make the right adjustments so that we use digital solutions where they make sense and improve working conditions and the quality of life for the benefit of those involved.”

    - Alexander Karl (Operations Manager, Bavarian Center for Digital Health & Social Care)

Research strategy

In order to do justice to the multidimensional issues and the extremely complex diversity of the groups of people involved, the work of the Bavarian Center for Digital Health and Social Care is divided into several closely interlinked, interdisciplinary focus fields/research fields, including experts in fields such as sociology, economics, engineering, nursing and care sciences, social work, gerontology and product design. The approach adopted by the Bavarian Center for Digital Health and Social Care is to explore the needs, wishes and life circumstances of the people involved and proactively incorporate these into research.

The starting point is to process scientific findings from numerous relevant research activities and ─ where available ─ their theory-related foundations, also incorporating the practical, hands-on experiences of those already involved (e.g. local authorities, social/digital service providers). We will use this basis to develop different focal points for research, networking and advisory tasks in the Bavarian Center for Digital Health and Social Care. In addition to our own research activities, we look for various collaborative formats and networks with corresponding research and practice partners.

In order to adequately address the pertinent questions, we combine different approaches to research – using a broad spectrum of scientific methods ranging from qualitative (participative) investigations to quantitative surveys, secondary data analyses and practical experiments in real laboratories. We are happy to network and integrate the experiences and results of all institutes and organisations working on the same or complementary topics. 

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Bavarian Research Center for Digital Health and Social Care
Albert-Einstein-Strasse 6,
87437 Kempten (Allgäu), Germany

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