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About us

The academic focus of the expert group on “Data Science und Networked Life” currently lies in techniques for cooperative game theory and how they can be used in the field of Data Science, particularly for analysing network data.

Hot topics

  • Universal basic income (experiments using evolutionary simulation in collaboration with Arend Hintze, Dalarna University, Sweden)
  • Analysing network data, particularly from mutually owned company networks, using power indices and weighted voting games (in collaboration with Izabella Stach, AGH Kraków)
  • Fair distribution of income from online advertising (in collaboration with Tamás Solymosi and Márton Benedek, Corvinus University of Budapest)
  • Fair seat allocation and fair electoral constituency borders, preventing the practice of gerrymandering (in collaboration with László Kóczy, TU Budapest, and Balázs Sziklai, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Members of the expert group

The expert group on “Data Science and Networked Life” is led by Jochen Staudacher. His key research interests lie in cooperative and evolutionary game theory and using it to solve practical problems and in develop packets with R.

  • Elmar Böhler contributes his expertise in the field of complexity theory and algorithm design.
  • Arnulf Deinzer researches real networks in practice, particularly data centres.
  • Georg Hagel contributes his expertise in software engineering.
  • Wolfgang Hauke is President of Kempten University of Applied Sciences. His professorial dissertation elaborated “Fuzzy models in corporate planning”.
  • Johannes Kraus works on cooperative game theory as a tool for analysing supply chains in logistics.
  • Rafael Mayoral Malmström contributes on networks and data science in the healthcare sector.
  • Thomas Zeh researches real networks in engineering science.

External members of the expert group

  • Fatma Aslan, Technical University of Budapest
  • Márton Benedek, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Arend Hintze, Dalarna University, Sweden
  • Tamás Solymosi, Corvinus University of Budapest and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Izabella Stach, AGH Kraków
  • Tamás Solymosi, Corvinus University of Budapest and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Professor Jochen Staudacher

 +49 (0) 831 2523-513

Building S, Room S2.06

Building S
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