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Digital challenge accepted!

Do you move in digital circles the way others do in the “real” world? Do you simply grasp challenges where others see problems, for which you set about toying with solutions? If so, then this degree programme in Computer Science is right up your street. Computer scientists are the problem-solvers responsible for creating and mastering all kinds of digital systems. This programme equips you with a broad foundation of knowledge in the core subjects of applied, technical and theoretical computer science, such as programming, software engineering and computing technology.

Nowadays, the fields in which these specialist skills are deployed stretch way beyond conventional computers to improve and embellish a broad range of everyday products by using microprocessors. Throughout your studies, we support you with tutorials, small learning groups, special programmes for students and intensive mentoring for internships and bachelor theses. We offer a preliminary maths course especially for students in the first semester of technical bachelor’s degree programmes. In addition, you can expect practically relevant teamwork and learning, a friendly atmosphere and professors who know you by name.

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At a glance

  • Award

    Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

  • Study mode


  • Standard duration

    7 Semester

  • ECTS credits


  • Starts

    winter semester

  • Restricted admission


  • Taught in


  • Faculty


  • Study abroad


  • Accreditation


Details about this course

Program structure

During the foundation course (semesters 1 and 2), you will learn the core principles and processes that form the basis of computer science.

The advanced course (semesters 3 to 7) teaches the relevant advanced subjects for professional occupations and includes a practical semester. The key topics covered during the advanced course include computer networks, the creation and workings of operating systems, databases, distributed systems, and internet and web technologies. A key focus is on software engineering, involving the systematic application of engineering-based approaches to software development.

The practical semester (semester  5) gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a company outside the university.

You can choose from a range of data processing projects  and specialist compulsory elective subjects to tailor your course to suit your individual interests. The advanced options in semesters 6 and 7 offer the choice between numerous modules in various fields of computer science.

Upon successfully completing the programme, the university of applied sciences will award you the academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) .

Dual study

The programme with extended practice combines a regular bachelor’s degree programme at the university with intensive practical placements at one of our partners relating to your academic subject matter. Students can select this “sandwich” option until semester 4.

You can find further information about “university dual” on our website.


Professional environment:

A world without computer science is inconceivable nowadays. Throughout our everyday lives, we are constantly surrounded by systems processing information and data. The primary task of computer scientists is to develop these systems and keep them running, opening up a wide variety of career paths. Employment opportunities exist as much with dedicated software providers as with the companies who use these products.


Career prospects:

Relentlessly advancing digitalisation, which no sector escapes, also fuels the demand for specialists in this field. Computer science graduates can choose between a wide range of roles. They are needed in the technical and commercial departments of industrial companies, in trade and retail, banks, insurance and public administration. The greatest demand is found in the mushrooming information and telecommunications industry. Computer scientists enjoy particularly good career prospects in the Allgäu region.


Fields of activity:

  • Software developer
  • Manufacturing, e.g. mechanical engineering and vehicle construction
  • Trade and retail
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Public administration
  • Information and telecommunications industry
Application and approval

Application process:

We have pooled all the information and details you might need about applying and the admission requirements on your behalf.

About you:

Would you like to master the methods and processes used to design state-of-the art software and get actively and creatively involved in developing innovative products and services? If so, you’re on just the right track to study Computer Science!

International info

We ascribe to the values of openness, tolerance and acceptance. Our aim is to teach everyone involved at Kempten University of Applied Sciences about education in an international context. As part of this, we support university-wide, inter-faculty measures to promote international projects and cross-cultural interaction.

Faced with the global networking of economic areas, placements abroad during your studies present an excellent means of broadening your horizons and honing your language skills (particularly technical terminology!) before embarking upon your career. We support you in this venture by collaborating with an international network of partner universities to offer you the chance to study elements of your advanced course in another country or complete your practical semester in a company abroad.

Are you interested in learning more about our international aspirations and the options for you to study abroad? Take a look at the information posted online.

Examination regulations

We compile all study programme and examination regulations centrally for you. There you will find all versions and changes. continue


Details about the degree programme



Do you have any questions about how the degree programme is organised or its academic content? Our academic advisor and the University Student Advisory Service would be happy to help!

Academic advisor

Professor Georg Hagel
Email: georg.hagel(at)hs-kempten.de