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Do you feel the need to venture beyond the binary world? Would you like to combine effective software solutions with business acumen? Then Business Information Systems are your ticket to the wide world of work at the interface between information processing and business administration. If they hope to remain competitive and successful, companies have to align their strategies, functions and processes with the conditions of the digital market. This means attributing a key role to state-of-the-art information and communications technologies (ICT) – as in efficient software architecture.

Data scientists have to be capable of identifying the potential for leveraging data value and using analyses, planning and targeted support to continuously develop this service. This bachelor’s degree programme equips you with an outstanding basis for a successful start in this exciting field of work. Throughout your studies, we support you with tutorials, small learning groups, special programmes for students and intensive mentoring for internships and bachelor theses. We offer a preliminary maths course especially for students in the first semester of technical bachelor’s degree programmes. Preliminary maths course . In addition, you can expect practically relevant teamwork and learning, a friendly atmosphere and professors who know you by name.

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At a glance

  • Award

    Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

  • Study mode


  • Standard duration

    7 Semester

  • ECTS credits


  • Starts

    winter semester

  • Restricted admission


  • Taught in


  • Faculty

    Computer Science

  • Study abroad


  • Accreditation

    German Accreditation Council

Details about this course

The degree programme lasts seven semesters in total and consists of foundation and advanced components. The first two semesters form the foundation course.

Semesters three and four and then six and seven make up the advanced course , with specialist compulsory elective blocks providing an additional breadth and depth of subjects.

During the practical semester (semester 5), you will learn about the current business environment and requirements and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice.

You will devote equal attention to subjects within the three pillars of computer science, business administration and (core) business information systems, equipping you with a robust basic training. The fourth pillar – encompassing the disciplines of mathematics, statistics, law and behavioural science – delivers the finishing touch to you broad education.

before completing your degree by writing your bachelor’s thesis. Upon successfully completing the programme, the university of applied sciences will award you the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) .

Professional environment:

Data scientists’ expertise in managing the interface between computer science and business administration places them in high demand. Duties range from analysing, planning and developing business applications software to consultancy on introducing standard business administration software and even IT project management.

Career prospects:

There’s not a single branch of industry that doesn’t require qualified specialists to develop and successfully operate ICT, meaning that you’ll enjoy outstanding career prospects with a degree in Business Information Systems. Graduates of Kempten University of Applied Sciences benefit from this degree programme in Business Information Systems being firmly rooted in the field of computer science, thus equipping you to meet the specific needs of this technology-driven application-focused and scientific discipline. Precisely this constellation is in particularly high demand – on the international job market, too.

Sectors of interest:

  • Consultancy
  • e-Technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Public service
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Business consultancy
  • Coaching and training
  • IT management
  • IT security
  • System administration and development
  • IT sales
  • Software development
  • Corporate organisation and planning

Application process:

Have we whetted your appetite for the degree programme in Business Information Systems? If so, we would be delighted for you to apply. We have pooled all the information and details you might need about applying and the admission requirements .

Admission requirements: 

Are you interested in aspects of computer science, business administration and (core) business information systems? Do you enjoy analytical and logical thinking? If so, you’re on the right track to study Business Information Systems!

We ascribe to the values of openness, tolerance and acceptance. Our aim is to teach everyone involved at Kempten University of Applied Sciences about education in an international context. As part of this, we support university-wide, inter-faculty measures to promote international projects and cross-cultural interaction.

Are you interested in learning more about our international aspirations and the options for you to study abroad? Take a look at the information posted in our portal

We compile all study programme and examination regulations centrally for you. There you will find all versions and changes. continue

Program with extended practice

The programme with extended practice combines a regular bachelor’s degree programme at the university with intensive practical placements at one of our partners relating to your academic subject matter. Students can select this “sandwich” option until semester 4.


Study Business Information Systems in Kempten

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Details about the degree programme


Do you have any questions about how the degree programme is organised or its academic content? Our academic advisor and the Student Advisory Servicewould be very happy to help!

Academic advisor

Professor Peter Klutke
Email: peter.klutke(at)hs-kempten.de