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This page explains how to access your university email account via your browser using OWA (Outlook Web App) and has links to instructions containing detailed descriptions for configuring Outlook in Windows, Apple, Android, etc. to access university emails of University of Applied Sciences Kempten.  

Accessing your emails using Outlook Web App (Web Access)

You access your inbox using your university log-in details (the same as for MyCampus).

You can also set up your university account to automatically forward incoming emails to your private email address. You can also find more detailed descriptions under Instructions.

Please bear in mind, however, that any messages forwarded to an external email address are not covered by the university’s responsibility for data protection.

Problems with your university log-in details?

If you experience problems with your log-in details, the first thing you should do is try logging in to MyCampus. If that doesn’t work either, or you’ve forgotten your log-in details, please contact idm(at)hs-kempten.de.

Contact to the Computing Centre at Kempten University

For any questions or problems concerning web-based email access, please contact:
(not for administrative staff)

 +49 (0) 831 2523-440
Building V, 1st floor

Opening hours for IT rooms

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