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Scheduling (DFN-Terminplaner)

DFN-Terminplaner – the alternative to Doodle that ensures data protection and peace of mind – has moved forward. Appointments and other arrangements can be made quickly, easily and reliably with full data protection at terminplaner.dfn.de


DFN-Terminplaner has become a popular and widely used scheduling and coordination tool. There’s now an trial upgraded version featuring loads more functions.

Users will be able to set automatic notifications for a range of actions including attendance, new polls and votes. New features include the ability to change your vote if you make a mistake, or to choose “perhaps” as a response. Besides a live preview, the scheduler now also automatically adjusts schedules for participants in different time zones.

Descriptions of the new features and FAQs for DFN-Terminplaner can be found here.<br/>  


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