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There’s always something going on at the Professional School of Business & Technology.

Ours students’ foreign assignments, the annual graduation ceremony, get-togethers and field trips. Get an idea of the many activities that go hand in hand with part-time professional development. 

Welcome to the campus at Kempten University of Applied Sciences!

Professional School of Business & Technology is located in Building D.

Our strength lies in the practical focus of our programmes, including field trips to companies and close collaboration between our students and lecturers.

MBA students at their graduation ceremony: You success is our success – so we want to ensure that you always feel well looked-after throughout your time as a student at the Professional School.

International students visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein: The international focus of the Professional School of Business & Technology equips it to embellish specialist knowledge with additional language skills and intercultural awareness.

Studying for their MBA in Cape Town: A period of study abroad in South Africa, Thailand or Australia constitutes a core component of the MBA degree programme.

We make it our priority to offer individual, student-focused advise. If you have any questions about the professional development opportunities that we offer – anything at all – please get in touch !

The Professional School offers a high-quality, state-certified programme of academic advanced training that enables you to acquire and develop your specialist and personal skills .

As a state university, we are obliged to meet stringent quality criteria. We have a rich pool of international experts covering a very broad spectrum of professional development requirements.

The Professional School at Kempten University of Applied Sciences runs a wide range of practically focused advanced training courses designed to meet the demands raised by an international market environment and the social challenges we foresee for the future. Our professional development courses