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Systematic quality assurance

The quality assurance system that the Professional School instigated in December 2019 meets the requirements for system accreditation .

The quality management system (QM system) is based on the cooperative and quality improvement-focused culture nurtured at the university, involving all the relevant stakeholders. The control and QM systems are bound to incorporate consideration and regular verification of compliance with the directives issued by the Conference of Minsters of Culture and the German Accreditation Council for Degree Programmes. The QM system also meets the requirements of the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)”.

Our quality assurance system

Our QM system consists of numerous interlinked components to ensure that we persistently meet our QM objectives and targets.

The standardised processes incorporate a wide range of measurements (performance indicators, surveys). Various members of the Professional School (directors of studies, lecturers, students and staff) and the university (its lawyer, the Vice President for Professional Development, the Chief Quality Management Officer) regularly liaise in committees on a range of issues (didactics, examinations, organisation of studies, etc.).

Members of the public are also consulted, for instance in the form of alumni surveys and at regular meetings of the Professional School’s advisory board, with members drawn from business and industry around the Allgäu.

Anette Ohrtmann-Oerthel, the PSBT’s Quality Management Officer, coordinates and logs all our QM activities, provides our stakeholders with all the relevant information and ensures that any measures required are implemented and measured throughout a PDCA cycle.