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Reach your career goals with the Kempten MBA

Empirical studies have revealed a distinct correlation between participating in an MBA programme and professional success, which the alumni from the MBA programme in Kempten confirm. Many of them made major progress in their careers after gaining their MBA. Another benefit of the MBA programme is the opportunity it offers to expand personal networks. The flexible structure of the programme means that students are likely to encounter up to 80 other German and international participants in their own and different semesters. Sharing experience and knowledge with your fellow students is one of the most rewarding aspects of the MBA programme. This contact with other students greatly benefits you, both personally and in your career. Our university also runs an alumni network to enable you to keep on reaping the rewards beyond graduation.

Developing managers in Leadership Seminars at Kempten

The aim of our MBA programmes is to teach cutting-edge managerial expertise to bolster executive careers. Our regular statistical surveys show that up to 70 percent of our participants progressed in their careers within two to three years of starting to study, thanks to the unique programme that we offer in Germany for managers’ professional development. Students start with a self-appraisal of their personality and skills performed with the aid of tried-and-tested psychological testing. Based on the results of these tests, we then draw up development plans addressing their personal areas of potential in terms of emotional intelligence and leadership tasks. The participants then work on these plans for developing leadership skills at work and in their private lives. We offer ongoing practical support with implementing these development plans throughout the programme of studies, with the aid of both status reports and supervision during our leadership seminars. 

Here’s what our alumni have to say:

Positive impact on personality, career and salary

Our MBA has significant positive effects on professional duties, career and personal development – according to our alumni in the survey conducted in 2020. They were also asked whether the MBA degree programme fulfilled their expectations. In deciding to study for an MBA, the respondents considered it important to pursue professional development that would open up more career options, expand their professional network, boost their salary, and increase their vocational and personal skills. The survey of alumni revealed that our MBA programme succeeded in meeting these expectations. The salaries of most alumni increased considerably as a result of gaining their MBA – in the case of 11.5 per cent , even doubling. Furthermore, more than 70 per cent of our full-time students already secured more senior professional roles before completing their MBA.  However, personal development is also a key feature. We measure participants’ emotional intelligence before and after the studying on this programme, and we found that our MBA students gained significantly better scores as they progressed.

A valuable network

A successful MBA programme thrives on the different perspectives and life experience that the students inject. The international mix is guaranteed to produce a melting pot of wide-ranging personalities, enabling students to establish a diverse network during their time at Kempten. The MBA programme in Kempten attracts young professionals and managers from all over the world. International students and lecturers enrich the content of lectures by incorporating their personal experience. The percentage of women on the MBA programme averages over 30 per cent, and most of the students are aged between 30 and 35. 

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