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Stay in touch

Now you’ve successfully completed your degree programme or certificate course – congratulations! This makes you a member of the alumni of the Professional School of Business & Technology.

This is where we keep you up to date with news and events for Professional School alumni.

Special events for alumni

There are currently no special events in the diary.

Alumni newsletter

Stay in touch – sign up for our newsletter for all the latest news from the Professional School and announcements of forthcoming events. You can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

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Xing alumni group

Join the Professional School of Business & Technology alumni group on Xing to connect with participants, alumni, professors and the team at the Professional School. For all the latest news from the Professional School and announcements of forthcoming events.

Update contact details

Have your contact details changed? We enjoy staying in touch, so please let us know if any of your contact details change.

You can update them in the PSBT Organiser or send us an email.

Get involved

Both we and our future students would like to put your knowledge and expertise to good use, so we would really appreciate your involvement in our programmes.

Would you consider

  • Acting as a mentor to our students?
  • Acting as a speaker and talking about your experience, e.g. at a special event?
  • Sharing your first-hand knowledgeat information events ?
  • Acting as a contact for prospective students?

Your company supporting

  • Master’s theses by students?
  • Offering projects or internships, or advertising vacancies to students?

We would be very grateful for any kind of support in these respects. Please contact Sabine Tulachan (tel.: +49 (0)831 25 23 9570, sabine.tulachan(at)hs-kempten.de).

Get in touch / Further advice

Would you like more information or to talk to an advisor? You’re very welcome to ask!

Please get in touch with:

Sabine Tulachan
Alumni coordinator

Tel. +49 (0)831 2532-9570

Further information