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There are various options for subsidising or funding part-time professional development.

To save you the time and effort of searching for them, we have compiled a brief overview on your behalf. Please note that the following options are simply the most popular, and we make no claim to these being exhaustive.

Professional development frequently paves the way for your next step up the career ladder, which can also mean an increase in salary. Bear this in mind when considering the initial financial outlay. 

Support from your company

Many employers look favourably upon staff looking to further their professional development, so it might very well be worthwhile talking a manager or the HR department about the potential for support.

Possibilities include:

  • Financial support at a fixed rate (monthly or annually)
  • Adjustments to working hours
  • Educational leave, special leave or time off to prepare for exams
  • Covering tuition fees for exams passed (in full or part)

Many of our participants receive support from their company. So it’s certainly worth enquiring.

Loans and funds

There are many sources of educational loans, so get as much information as possible in advance and compare offers carefully.

State funding programmes

You can find an extensive overview of state funding programmes, such as bursaries or grants (national bursary programme, professional development bursary, promotion bursary, education grant) and loans (KfW student loan, education loan) on the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts’ website.

Tax rebates

Your expenses for professional development or studying are tax-deductible as professional or special expenses, which can help you recoup a considerable proportion of the costs, depending to your tax band.

You can find further information here.

Training periods in Baden-Württemberg

We are a recognised educational institution in the context of § 10 para. 3 of Baden-Württemberg’s Training Periods Act (“Bildungszeitgesetz Baden-Württemberg” – BzG BW), according to which if you work in the state of Baden-Württemberg you can take up to five days’ study leave each year to attend our professional development courses. Further details are available here.

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