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Final theses

Are you approaching the home strait of your part-time professional degree course and looking for cutting-edge topics at companies to work on as your final thesis? Many companies are advertising potential openings for bachelor’s and master’s students in dedicated online forums.

Take a look at die-masterarbeit.de – perhaps you’ll find something that whets your appetite. If not, have a chat with the lecturers on your programme. They often have extensive networks and can put you in touch with someone. Or look through the popular job forums. Companies sometimes advertise thesis topics here, too.


LinkedIn has over 645 million members in more than 200 countries, making it the biggest professional network in the world – with the aim of globally networking well-qualified managers. 

It’s a great way to stay in touch with (former) colleagues, spot job opportunities and hook up with inspirational figures.

Drop in and find out!

Click here for the the Professional School’s page on LinkedIn


XING is the Germany’s social network for professionals, with more than 15 million members – where you can network and look for jobs, new recruits, contracts, collaboration partners, expert advice or business ideas.

Click here for the the Professional School’s page on Xing.


A slightly less work-focused option than the above two is Facebook, helping you stay in touch with the people you’ve met, not to mention the Professional School.

We post the latest news about what we have to offer and behind-the-scenes glimpses of life at the Professional School. 

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We also use Instagram to share insights into our work and keep everyone up to date on the latest courses, info evenings and application deadlines at the Professional School.

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There’s more to YouTube than endless entertaining videos and music – including videos produced by the Professional School Kempten University of Applied Sciences!

Click here for the YouTube channel of Kempten University of Applied Sciences

There’s also a collection of informative explanatory videos, career coaching, and a whole lot more besides!