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Welcome to the Institute for Internationalisation (ifi)

The Institute for Internationalisation (ifi) represents a milestone in the process of internalisation pursued by Kempten University of Applied Sciences. The interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research projects and activities we pursue make us the central point of call and assistance for all university stakeholders interested in international themes.

    Our graduating students face numerous fresh challenges in the globalised world. Networking with our international partners in research and teaching – for example in joint student projects or research projects – is therefore a key concern.

    Matching the requirements of business and industry and collaborating closely in this respect also belong to our main priorities. Representatives of internationally focused companies support us in our international advisory board and facilitate rigorous interaction between university learning and business practice.

    Mission & Services

    Our aims

    • Coordinating, pooling and supporting international activities and projects that promote the internationalisation of Kempten University of Applied Sciences and its facilities
    • Encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-faculty interaction, notably to maximise synergies
    • Developing and supporting particularly interdisciplinary and international research plans and programmes; sharing research internationally; disseminating research output and promoting its scientific and practical transfer
    • Organising and running summer and winter schools, conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.
    • Managing Kempten University’s international network of partners in liaison with the faculties, and expanding the network
    • Fostering the next generation of internationally focused scientists and academics

    Services for our members

    • Information about current research programmes
      For our members and academics interested in international research, we maintain an overview of current research programmes. We would be happy to assist you with planning international research. Why not get in touch with us?
    • Newsletter for our members
      Information about our campaigns, events and offers is distributed to our members and other interested colleagues in our newsletter.
    • Lectures, professional development, conferences
      We organise lectures, professional development events and conferences on research topics at our university according to current interests.

    Service for international guest lecturers: Workstation in the ifi office

    We offer international lecturers attending our university a workplace in the ifi office. Please contact us well in advance to reserve it for your guest’s visit. We will then provide a desk and laptop for them in the ifi office (A406). The request form is available in the university’s forms collection at <Hochschule intern – Wiki> Apply for a guest lecturer’s workstation. The member of university staff overseeing the visit should complete this form and send it to us. We have produced an Info pack for guest lecturers to familiarise them with our university. We can issue your guest with a key to the ifi office and, if required, a visitors’ CampusCard.

    We can issue your guest with a key to the ifi office and, if required, a visitors’ CampusCard. Please contact us in advance at ifi(at) After we have confirmed the dates, please take the completed form to the Centre for General Elective Studies and Languages (Mensa – M103), where you can collect the office key and CampusCard from Dr Märlein or Mr Walter. To ensure the process runs smoothly for everyone, please apply at least seven days in advance.

    Service for students

    We perceive international networking as a huge opportunity. Our summer and winter schools offer international students a chance to get to know our university and the local region, engage with a current topic and make many new friends. This is a great springboard for spending a semester abroad with us further down the line. We offer our own students in Kempten to join in and work in these international, interdisciplinary groups and get to know not just other cultures but also a variety of different approaches. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain an initial insight into international collaboration prior to perhaps also deciding to study abroad for a while.


    Director of the Institute
    Prof. Dr. Jochen Staudacher

    Deputy Director of the Institute

    Prof. Dr. Tobias Peylo
    Prof. Armin Brysch

    Tel. +49 831 2523-300

    Building A, 4th floor, A406

    Building A ("Denkfabrik")
    Alfred-Kunz-Str. 1
    87435 Kempten

    Current projects

    Our expert groups

    Our members invest their expertise into three different specialist groups on interdisciplinary topics. In addition, they provide assistance in certain projects in relevant fields. Colleagues with international interests are warmly invited to become members of our network and benefit from the wide range of experience and contacts. Please contact ifi(at) if you would like us to send you an application form.

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