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Degree programmes with capped numbers

Numbers are capped for admitting students to higher semesters on the following degree programmes at Kempten University of Applied Sciences:

You can only be admitted to a higher semester if you are already studying / have already studied at another university.

Allocation of places

It is not the number of semesters of theory that you have studied that chiefly determines the place you are allocated (and the semester deemed appropriate), but rather your actual academic achievements so far. The decision on recognising previous studies is made by the Chair of the Examinations Board for the degree programme in question, based on the grades you have submitted and the details supplied with regard to content.

The following documents must be presented for recognition (please consult the explanations provided during the online application process):

  • List of all examination performances so far (in accordance with the form provided (PDF))
  • Certified copies of proof of all grades (including fails)
  • Evidence of the content and scope (hours per week each semester) of all completed subjects (e.g. programme guides, programme regulations, module descriptions) – uncertified copies
  • If applicable, request for exemption from the practical semester with evidence of either vocational training or work (copy of certificate issued by Chamber of Industry and Commerce / “IHK”)
  • Evidence of duration of study so far (enrolment and exmatriculation certificates -> latter at the latest when you enrol here)

A decision on admission to the above-cited degree programmes can only be made after you have submitted details of your grades and the subjects you have already covered.

Applying for higher semesters

Are you interested in studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, but starting in a higher semester? If so, we look forward to your application! Please check our entry requirements and admissions procedure before you start. Please note that applications must be submitted both online and on paper.

You can find all the key information on our page about the applications period

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Contacts in Academic Registry

Tel. +49 (0) 831 2523 + extension no.

Academic Registry (technical)
All engineering and computer science degree programmes

  • Sarah Puttner: +352 (Room D 205)
  • Ramona Bilgri: +120 (Room D 206)
  • Susanne Breitfeld: +359 (Room D 206)
  • Tanja Hansbauer: +354 (Room D 207)
  • Stefani Konc: +351 (Room D 204)
  • Dunja Mühleisen: +359 (Room D 206)

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Academic Registry (Business/Economics)
all business-related degree programmes

  • Antje Bauerfeind: +355 (Room D 209)
  • Cornelia Buchwald: +350 (Room D 208)
  • Andrea Riescher-Socher: +361 / +355 (Room D 209)
  • Djamila Schittenhelm: +122 (Room D 212)
  • Alexander Städele: + 124 (Zimmer D 209)

Deputy Director

Sarah Puttner
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Public Administrator