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Professional School of Business & Technology | Hochschule Kempten
Gebäude A - Denkfabrik
Bahnhofstraße 61
D - 87435 Kempten

Birgit Kollmann

Tel.: +49 (0) 831 2523-9581
Fax: +49 (0) 831 2523-337




Benefits of the exchange programme

1. Cultural exchange

The stay in Germany makes it possible to immerse in the culture as well as to get acquainted with the country.

2. Personal development

Further development of your own soft-skills (especially in the offered team event).

3. Advantage for your CV

Internationally-oriented companies attach great importance to foreign work experience. Practical experience in successful German companies such as Bosch or Audi is gathered through the practical experience in our international programme. This is of great advantage for the further career path.

4. Expand your management experience

by carrying out proper projects in and for German companies.

5. Building a global network

In our international programme you will benefi t from the university network – no matter whether lecturers, fellow students or companies – all these contacts can be of added value, in personal as well as professional value.

6. Flexible way of working to obtain the ECTS points.

The examination requires the preparation of one assignment, which in conjunction with the exchange of German lecturers and company representatives, is to be submitted within 4 months.