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Professional School of Business & Technology | University of Applied Sciences Kempten
Building A - Denkfabrik
Bahnhofstraße 61
87435 Kempten

Contact person:
Josef Auer

Phone +49 (0) 831 2523-491
Fax +49 (0) 831 2523-337



MBA Dates

Information Evening 2020
28/05/2020 // 18:30
venue: virtual

Application deadline*
15 July for winter term
15 January for summer term

*depending on vacant places

How to find us

The Professional School of Business & Technology is located in Kempten (Allgäu), just 1 hour 30 minutes from Munich. Here is our site plan.


    Virtual MBA Information Evening 28 May 2020


    Study organization

    Career oportunities

    • Start: March and September every year
    • Duration: 12 to 30 months
    • 4 Special tracks:
      General Management, Organisational Transformation, Supply Chain Management and Sales Management
    • Different electives
    • Several dates for each course
    • High time flexibility
    • Civil campus in Kempten
    • Ideal support
    • First class lecturer, also native speaker
    • International Competence
    • MBA 100% in English
    • Stay abroad: Brisbane, Cape Town or Bangkok
    • Project work with civil managers
    • Case studies in real enterprises
    • Career coaching and university fair
    • Benefit from the experience of the German Armed Forces
    • Accredited course of study (EPAS, FIBAA)
    • Optional: 3 – 6 months internship during the study period

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    • Erfahrungsaustausch mit zivilen Studenten
    • Austausch mit zivilen Managern
    • Duales Konzept (Kombination MBA & praktischen Firmenphasen)
    • Schwerpunkte des MBA ermöglichen es die Erfahrungen aus der Bundeswehr einzubringen (Organisational Transformation, Sales Management oder Supply Chain Management)
    • Fester Auslandsanteil
    • Perfekte Englischkenntnisse nach dem Studium
    • Sicherer Umgang im internationalem Umfeld
    • Studieren an zwei zivilen Universitäten, eine davon ist im Ausland.
    • ziviler Abschluss mit dem akademischen Grad "MBA"
    • internationale EPAS-Akkreditierung und FIBAA re-akkreditiert
    • Persönlichkeitsentwicklung: optimale Vorbereitung auf das zivile Berufsleben; Verbesserung der „Schwächen“ eines Offiziers aus Unternehmersicht; vorhandene Führungsfähigkeiten anpassen und im zivilen Bereich anwenden


    Kempten's MBA program for officers has deliberately been designed so that elements, such as the project week, will take place together with participants from the other MBA post-graduate courses in Kempten. It is during these elements that officers can attend seminars together with experienced managers, exchange thoughts and ideas, and more importantly forge links for their future career.

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    As the officers’ first university degree dates back quite some time ago, it is now necessary to refresh the professional content and this is accomplished in a different way than in your first degree. In this MBA it is important to understand and manage important interrelations in networked businesses. This is achieved by looking at case studies and seminar papers with practical objectives.

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    Time flexibility

    Due to the special needs of our group of Officers we offer a special time schedule for this group. The officer join the program in a part-time modus for the first two semesters. The third semester is full-time and will be followed by two months in Australia (July & August).

    Start: March and September every year

    Duration: 12 to 30 months

    As we are always running four different MBA groups at the same time, there is always the chance to attend a seminar that you have missed due to your personal time restrictions. This is a clear advantage compared to other MBA programs. 

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    Stay abraod

    Two major courses of the International Officers’ MBA programme will be taught during the eight-week international modules at the Brisbane Graduate School of Business, part of the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. The stay abroad takes place in the 3rd level and begins in June. 

    Alternatively the students can participate at the two-week international modules at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business in South Africa or at th National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in Bangkok, Thailand.

    In addition to this, provisions have been made so that the master thesis - which you normally write in a company - can also be written abroad. Therefore, officers have yet another opportunity to get insight into different areas of a company in the private sector, and at the same time gain international experience to ease your future career choice.

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    The fees can be fully remunerated by the BFDs, including housing and travel expenses (travel expenses only partially) even in case you write your master thesis abroad. However, you need to contact your respective BFD first to discuss your particular support.

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    Sie haben weitere Fragen?

    Ansprechpartner: Herr Josef Auer

    Tel.: +49 (0) 831 2523-491

    E-Mail: joesf.auer(at)mba-kempten.de