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Director of the master's study Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Helmuth Biechl 
Building TE, room 135a

Phone: +49 (0) 831 2523-253



Electrical Engineering (Master of Engineering)


Master of Electrical Engineering - Description and Objective of the Master’s Program

With the introduction of the new international master’s study program of “Electrical Engineering” the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has reacted to the ever more complex challenges in the area of Electronic & Information Technology in internationally operating companies. A prerequisite for the program is a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or a cognate program. The program takes 3 semesters and is completely taught in English. The curriculum is aimed to cover a broad spectrum of topics. You will learn how to operate flexibly in a company with dynamic business requirements; on the other hand you will have the opportunity to work right where challenging and complex topics in electrical engineering and communication technology arise. The industry emphasises its demand for universally educated and well rounded engineers with excellent problem solving skills and methods, as well as proficiency of the English language.

The international character of the program, meaning German and foreign students studying side by side, allows our students to hone their social competencies and skills with people of different cultural backgrounds. This adds an extra diversity to the program, which is very highly regarded by international companies.

Foreign students are especially welcomed to our master’s program of “Electrical Engineering” and should always feel encouraged to apply. The University of Applied Sciences in Kempten has cultivated cooperations and foreign exchanges with Universities around the world for many years. We will continue to expand upon our success in the future. Student exchanges are very welcomed and we feel that participants from other countries are always a pleasant addition to the greater Kempten area. The University’s international office, as well as all our Professors and German students will offer you a helping hand when it comes to “settling in” and “coping” with living in a new country.

As a graduate of our “Master of Engineering” program you will find open doors worldwide, because aside from the pure technical qualifications, this program will also prepare you for a future leadership position.

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