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Elisa Franze

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Die Professional School of Business & Technology liegt in Kempten (Allgäu), nur 1 Std. 30 Min. mit dem Auto von München entfernt. Unseren Lageplan finden Sie hier.


    Alumni Seminar 04 - 05 September

    Costs: For the seminar: 220.00 €
    Food allowance in the monastery: 53.00 €
    Overnight costs
    Number of participants: max. 22
    Date: 04 - 05 September 2020
    Deadline: 31 July
    Target group: Alumni of the Professional School


    The two-day alumni seminar with Dr Mark Baker (American psychologist and expert in Emotional Intelligence) will take place from 04 to 05 September 2020 in the Zen monastery in Buchenberg.

    You can sign up here


    Dear Alumni,

    We hope this finds you well.

    Through discussions with Alumni together with more longitudinal research from various theses, it is becoming clear that the increasing complexity of the work place is making it difficult for the Alumni to continue their personal growth and for some even to maintain the gains they worked so hard to attain. Since we at the Professional School feel an ethical and personal commitment to continued support of the Alumni, addressing this business reality has become a primary focus for us as we search for a way to provide ongoing support and development.

    Historically, the Alumni event was an opportunity for the Professional School to share with the Alumni some of the latest developments in their programs and to provide a networking opportunity. It was designed to be an opportunity to refresh and reconnect. Due to the above concerns, we have decided to separate the development and social goals, and to focus on an Alumni event that provides the participants with a more focused and intense opportunity to unplug, recharge and regain the resilience necessary for continued personal and professional growth. As a result, the next Alumni Seminar on 04 September 2020 will be an opportunity for you to ‘take a space’ to deepen your experience of your Self.

    For me personally, your personal growth was always a foundation goal in all the classes we have had together. In each class, alongside the academic topic, there has been the opportunity for you to develop your self-awareness and your skill in living and working at a more mature level, a leadership level. However, personal selfactualization was, for most, a brand new challenge. A challenge that requires personal engagement and development patience over time. Therefore, the focus during the program remained on the important fundamental level of shifting your self-identification from the normal cultural software of “I” to the natural experience of being “me in we”. The 24 hours we will have together in the “Creating the Space to Be” seminar will provide us with an opportunity to take a step further in developing your consciousness of Being and your skill in living and working at that level.

    In order to create an environment for this goal, the Seminar will take place at the Zen Monastery at Buchenberg (a short 20 minute drive from downtown Kempten) where we have formed a cooperative partnership. The Monastery has created an opportunity for us to stay there overnight and will provide meals for Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch. We will also have our own meeting room in the facility.

    I want to emphasize that this will not be a Buddhist retreat. It will be a Professional School Alumni retreat where we will have the opportunity to explore and practice a leadership understanding of Being in Business and Life that allows one to stay calm, clear, connected, centered and grounded in being “me in we” while actively engaging in the creative productivity of doing. To unplug, you will be asked to turn off your phones and computers for the time of the seminar and to respect periods of silence. To recharge, we will use meditation and exercises to give you the opportunity to deepen your experience of your self (“me in we”) physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally, and environmentally to regain and strengthen your experience of Being centered and grounded. While the focus will be on individual experiences, we will enrich your experiences through small and large group discussion and sharing. In response to requests from Alumni, this year we are opening the enrollment to allow the alumni to enroll partners, family members and close friends who would like to come together in ongoing support groups to enhance the committed continuation of mindful practice.

    Frankly, I am excited about the potential that this type of seminar offers all of us in creating the space to be together. So often in our overloaded, time pressured lives, we focus only on the task and the desired results. As a consequence we often lose sight of Why we do what we do. As a result, we find ourselves doing to try and meet the expectations of others, a human doing. When we are in touch with Why, we bring our authentic self to our doing inspiring us to act in a meaningful, values drive way, as a Human Being. In this retreat, each participant will have an opportunity to sit quietly with himself or herself to ask internally these important life questions.

    • Why? What is the purpose and value to my life that gives me meaning?
    • How? What is the Way I can live my life to experience a purposeful and meaningful life?
    • What? What would the results be in living my life this way? What is my Vision for my life?
    • Who? Who enriches my life through my relationships with them?

    Enrollment in the “Creating the Space to Be” seminar will necessarily be limited. So please contact the Professional School (Email: elisa.franze(at)hs-kempten.de, Phone: 0049 (0)831 2523 9570) for further information and a reservation if this type of experience interests you.

    Please continue taking care,


    We are opening up the enrollment to family and friends which would encourage the continuing practice necessary for development and strengthen the family balance and harmony.

    Agenda Alumni Seminar

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