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Professional School of Business & Technology | Hochschule Kempten
Gebäude A - Denkfabrik
Bahnhofstraße 61
D - 87435 Kempten

Birgit Kollmann

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Matthew Igo Ball (May, 2019)

"It has always been a dream to study abroad and I am so happy that I was selected to be a part of the 2019 Spring Alpine School with the Professional School of Business and Technology at Hochschule Kempten! The entire experience was incredible. The classes were facilitated by extremely experienced lecturers, and we benefited from in class discussions with a group of highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals from all around the world. The workplace visits to some of Germany’s largest global organisations also provided an interesting contrast to how business is conducted in the Australia and Pacific region. It opened my mind to the world and has brought on a desire for more. Further than just academic learning, the immersion into a different culture was amazing and as a result, I now have life-long friendships, an expanded global network and memories from the experience of a lifetime. I am so thankful for this opportunity to truly experience Germany, and to achieve my dream of studying abroad."

Varich Punpaisal (May, 2019)

"It was a really great experience! The class is full of exclusive content from working experience of both professors and classmates. The companies we visited are outstanding. And of course skiing experienced is the best."

Romin Nejad (May, 2018)

"I decided to enhance my MBA studies in Australia by undertaking the Alpine Spring School offered by Hochschule Kempten. I found the entire program to be extremely well organised by the Hochschule Kempten. Lecturers were experienced and provided us with practical knowledge from an industry perspective. The learnings within the university were further augmented by visiting some of the world’s leading companies. During these visits we were provided unique access and insights into the daily challenges experienced by these companies. Overall my time at Hochschule Kempten has given me experience that I would not have gained through my studies in Australia. I would have no reservations recommending the Alpine Spring School offered by Hochschule Kempten to anyone considering it."

Justin MacDonald (May, 2019)

"The Kempten program has been an incredible highlight in my MBA journey so far. Being able to gain a detailed insight and understanding of German and European companies, their challenges, their approach and philosophy was incredibly valuable. If you are looking for a program to enhance your MBA and really provide some great tools for managing organisational change then be sure to enrol in the Kempten program. The workshops take you on a journey through every step of the change process in an organisation and explore the changes from every facet of the business and every stakeholder involved. I have already been able to implement some of the learnings back in my organisation, and I have only been back a week!"

Sushma Siddalingaiah (May, 2018)

"The MBA exchange program hosted by Alpine Spring School in Kempten provided a true International experience. The faculties had immense industry experience and the course was designed for the real world. The intense exchange program integrated the German industry work culture and diversity of students from across the globe. The exchange program provided a common platform for students from Australia, Thailand, and Germany to exchange global thought process and expose intercultural ways of working. The exposure gained by the company visits and interacting with the top management executives was phenomenal to the International students. I would like to acknowledge the Kempten exchange management for hosting a state of art program, with an excellent blend of intense and top-quality course content with a mix of Bavarian culture of fun filled extracurricular activities. Overall this provided me with exceptional industry exposure and gave me an opportunity to build friendships for life across the globe."

Prachya Skulwittayasathaworn (May, 2018)

“First of all, I didn’t know much about Kempten and never went study abroad before, it’s quite different the way of teaching compared to my Country (Thailand). The lecturers are engaged and inter-active with fellows student which let my brain and my mind always thinking about the solution each case. That’s very good for developing my management skills. I honestly would like to come again if have a chance, people arealso very nice here”