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    Business English


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    Follow-up / Interfaces:

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    Can understand the main ideas of a demanding text.
    Can express him/herself with a degree of fluency,
    accuracy and spontaneity. 


    Lecture, roles plays, group tasks, individual presentations, plenum discussions


    Oral exam

    ECTS points:



    Susan Hartmann, M.A.

    Aims and objectives:

    The aim of this seminar is to familiarise students with business-related terminology and to develop a good command of spoken and written English in all important business situations. In particular, students are prepared for the semester abroad in terms of language requirements.

    General learning objectives:

    The participants of the MBA programme should gain particular knowledge about the rules of communication, also cross-culturally. They are capable of describing and communicating their personal needs and objectives to their business environment. Graduates are convinced that understanding other people and other cultures and being able to communicate to them (in English) is a pre-requisite for international business success.

    Detailed learning outcomes:

    • Demonstrate proficiency with the vocabulary which business people use
    • Develop particular language skills which Graduates require in order to business in English
    • Write business correspondence
    • Organise effective international meetings
    • Give talks and presentations
    • Demonstrate correct use of grammar
    • Analyze and interpret texts written in English and discuss topics of general interest to business people

    Content of Business English: 

    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Business Skills
    • Talks & Presentations
    • Business behaviour & Job Applications
    • Business Topics: Current Affairs
    • Topics taken from The Economist or The Guardian

    Recommended supplemental readings:

    Business Vocabulary Builder (Macmillan) ISBN: 978 3 19 032722 5
    Business English Handbook (Macmillan) ISBN: 978 1 4050 8603 5
    Business Benchmark (Cambridge) ISBN: 978 3 12 534303 0
    In Company (Macmillan) ISBN: 978 3 19 062981 7
    Business Spotlight
    Fifty Ways to improve your Business English (Summertown) ISBN: 978 1 902741 82X
    Success with BEC - Vantage (Summertown) ISBN: 978 3 526 51335 3
    Pass Cambridge - BEC Vantage (Summertown) ISBN: 978 3 526 511130 4
    Business Grammer Builder (Macmillan) ISBN: 978 3 19 002722 4