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    International Market Analysis & Development


    General Track

    Follow-up / Interfaces:

    International Marketing


    Pre-reading and preparation tasks


    Lecture, case studies,
    individual tasks, plenum discussions


    Term Paper

    ECTS points:



    Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein

    Aims and objectives:

    The main objective is to enable the participants to do a primary analysis in international market research in order to develop and/or strengthen a market position.

    General learning objectives:

    The MBA programme should provide all participants with a substantial knowledge of all relevant business areas and a holistic understanding of how the different functions work together. They should have the insight how to organize and steer an organization.
    Graduates are capable of developing and defining theory driven, but applied problem solutions for the different areas of international business management as well as applying their problem solutions to their business environment
    Graduates understand that any kind of business activity must be designed in order to be sustainable in ever changing, more and more competitive and increasingly international markets.
    They have the knowledge to develop successful international business operations.
    They are enabled to analyse different markets and industries and to integrate this knowledge in their applied business solutions.

    Detailed learning outcomes:

    • Understand and evaluate which information is needed to develop a market
    • Understand the importance of market research and knowledge of its instruments, evaluate and chose instruments for specific problems
    • Understand the complete process of market research and design an own project 
    • Understand the value of a theoretical basis for applied market research, especially for the areas consumer behaviour, market segmentation including customer typology, customer satisfaction and apply it to specific problems
    • Understand the necessary statistical basics of market research and use selected instruments

    Course textbooks:

    Gilbert, A.C. / Dawn, I.: Marketing Research, Methodological Foundations, latest edition

    Content of International Market Analysis & Development:

    1. market research as basis for market orientated management

    1.1 market orientation as basis for management
    1.2 process and general inform. needs of intern. market analysis and develop.
    1.3 definition, purposes, value and basic decisions of internat. market research
    1.4 international secondary market research: information needs, process and  
          information sources
    1.5 primary market research process

    2. definition of research problem and exemplary application

    2.1 basics of customer behavior
    2.2 measurement of customer attitudes
    2.3 international market segmentation

    3. research planning

    3.1 structure of research design
    3.2 population and random sample
    3.3 collection methods and -instruments
    3.4 collection and analysis plan

    4. data collection

    4.1 survey / questioning
    4.2 observation
    4.3 (international) online primary research

    5. data analysis

    5.1 editing, coding, objectivity, reliability, validity
    5.2 overview about instruments and methods of data analysis

    6. case studies (optional)


    Recommended supplemental readings:

    Blackwell, M.J./Engel, J.F./Miniard, P.W.: Consumer behavior, latest edition

    Mariampolski, H.: Qualitative Market Research, latest edition

    Schiffmann, L. G./Kanuk, L. L.: Consumer Behavior, latest edition

    Shao A. T.: Marketing Research, an aid to decision making, latest edition

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