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International Sales Strategy


Special Track Int. Sales Management

Follow-up / Interfaces:           

Sales Channel Management & Alignment,
Sales Organisation Leadership, Projects




Lecture, case studies,
plenum discussions


Term Paper

ECTS points:




Aims and objectives:

The module International Sales Strategy is about all important facets of planning and implementing a sales strategy. It is about analyzing, designing and managing an entire distribution and sales system in an international market environment. Core questions are about setting up a viable distribution network along international expansion, designing effective channel structures and processes within an international business network as well as coordinating and motivating sales partners in various markets.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the elements and relationships of a comprehensive sales system in an international market context
  • Get the competence to design and implement a sales strategy in a structured-analytical manner
  • Know about strategic alternatives in setting up and managing a sales organization
  • Be able to decide on appropriate sales strategies with regard to given corporate and business goals and frameworks
  • Be enabled to manage international distributor and sales channels
  • Understand and apply coordination and motivation schemes on sales intermediaries


1. Framework to develop a Sales Strategy

  • Corporate Strategy Framework
  • Strategy Planning Process

2. Strategic Analysis of the Sales Environment (external and internal perspectives)

  • External Sales Network Analysis
  • Strategic Customer Rating
  • Internal Resources and Structures

3. International Sales Organization

  • General Types or Sales Organisation
  • International Sales Organisation

4. International Distributor Structures (Wholesale level)

  • Selected Theories
  • Export Strategy
  • National Sales Company
  • Intermediate Distribution Strategies

5. Sales Channel Structures (Retail level)

  • Designing the Sales Channel
  • Direct Distribution
  • Intensive Distribution
  • Selective and Exclusive Distribution
  • Sales Formats

6. Managing Relationships within the Sales Channel

  • Selected Theories
  • Vertical Integration
  • Cooperative Relationships
  • Vertical Disintegration

7. Multichannel Systems

  • Types of Multichannel Systems
  • Managing Multichannel Systems

Recommended supplemental readings (please use always latest edition)

Hollensen, S., Global Marketing, Harlow (UK)

Hollensen, S. and Opresnik, M.O., Marketing: A Relationship Perspektive – i.e. chapter “Distribution Decisions”, Munich (GER).

Morschett, D., Schramm-Klein, H. and Zentes, J., Strategic International Management – Text and Cases, Wiesbaden (GER).

Zentes, J., Morschett, D. and Schramm-Klein, H., Strategic Retail Management, Wiesbaden (GER).

Winkelmann, P., Vertriebskonzeption und Vertriebssteuerung: Die Instrumente des integrierten Kundenmanagement, München (GER).

Helpful Journals

Internationale Journal of Retail & Distribution Management

International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research

Retail and Distribution Management