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    Lean Management (Elective)




    Lecture, case studies, individual tasks,
    plenum discussions


    None - lecture accompanying practice week

    ECTS points:



    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Niemeier

    Aims and objectives:

    The aim of this course is to impart general knowledge regarding the most important strategic, methodical and organizational aspects of lean management.

    The course contents are selectively deepened by practical tutorials and case studies.

    Detailed learning outcomes:

    • Understanding the cause-and-effect correlations of lean production systems
    • Understanding the role of employees in a lean management environment
    • Ability to employ and apply methods and tools to design and optimize lean production systems

    Course textbook:

    Eaton, M.: The Lean practitioner's handbook. London, Kogan Page 2013

    Content of Lean Management

    1. Introduction to Lean Management

    • Definition, aims and history of lean management
    • The Toyota Production System (TPS)
    • The 7 types of waste
    • Lean thinking and lean behavior

    2. Standardized work

    • Definition and meaning of standards
    • 5S
    • Rapid change-over (SMED)
    • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
    • Case study

    3. Holistic Value Stream Design

    • Definition of a value stream
    • Characteristics of value stream design
    • General approach of mapping and designing a value stream
    • Case study

    4. Levelling

    • The bullwhip effect
    • Objectives and principle of levelling
    • Process of implementation
    • Tutorial

    5. Management of Improvement Process

    • Creating an improvement-capable system
    • Daily management
    • Shop floor management
    • Demands of lean managers

    6. Problem-solving abilities of employees

    • Problem-solving cycle
    • Methods of problem solving
    • Case study

    Recommended supplemental readings:

    Liker, J. K.; Convis, G. L. (2011). The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership: Achieving and Sustaining Excellence Through Leadership Development. New York, McGraw-Hill.

    Ohno, Taiichi (2005). Toyota Production System: beyond large-scale production. New York, Productivity Press.

    Purvis, L.; Gosling, J.; Naim, M. M. (2014). The development of a lean, agile and leagile supply network taxonomy based on differing types of flexibility. International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 151, May 2014, Pages 100-111.

    Womack, J. P.; Jones, D. T. (2010). Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation. 2nd ed. New York, Free Press.