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    Project Management (Elective)



    Follow-up / Interfaces:

    Change Management & Entrepreneurship


    Pre-reading and preparation tasks


    Lecture, project work, computer simulation,
    case studies, individual tasks, plenum discussions


    Term Paper

    ECTS points:



    Uwe Dietrich

    Aims and objectives:

    The aim of this course is to enable students to manage projects of different sizes successfully. Concepts and tools of project management, project experiences and an intensive project simulation will lay the foundation to understand the specifics of a project.

    General learning objectives:
    Participants who are on a general manager career path should be able to enhance their general management knowledge with project management methodologies.
    Graduates are capable of setting up a project and applying project management methodologies to run a project successfully.

    Detailed learning outcomes:

    • Being able to initiate a new project
    • Being able to setup the different plans
    • Being able to run a project and look at time, costs and quality
    • Managing the project risks
    • Understand the specifics of a project and the project managers responsibilities compared to a line function
    • Understand different project management methodologies (classical waterfall and agile)
    • Applied project management fundamentals

    Course textbooks:

    Project Management: Project Management Institute (2017). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (6th edition). PMI. 

    Content of Project Management & Organisational Redesign:

    1. International project management 

    • Project Scope Management
    • Project Time Management
    • Project Cost Management
    • Project Quality Management
    • Project Human Resources and Communications Management
    • Project Risk Management

      2. Intensive Project Simulation with Simulation software SimulTrain

      3. Agile Project Management

      Recommended supplemental readings: 

      Meredith, J.R. & Mantel, J.M. (2019). Project Management – a managerial approach, 10th edition. Wiley-Blackwell