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    Sales Channel Management & Alignment


    Special Track Int. Sales Management

    Follow-up / Interfaces:           

    International Sales Strategy,
    Sales Organisation Leadership, Projects




    Lecture, case studies,
    plenum discussions


    Term Paper

    ECTS points:




    Aims and objectives:

    This module is about the coordination and alignment of distribution and sales systems – in a changing and disruptive retail environment. In particular you will learn about leading and managing a retail organization and about aligning the supply chain with your sales approach. As a vital strategic element you will get insights in performance management systems. Another important objective is about discussing innovative and disruptive forces which will change existing structures and processes in sales.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Get the competence to lead and manage a retail organization in a strategic way
    • Apply leadership and management concepts to steer a retail company
    • Identify and realize innovative and disruptive forces in sales and distribution, including the long-term effects on sales channels and organization
    • Learn about the impacts of supply chain strategies and models on distribution and sales management
    • Be enabled to set up and implement a sales performance measurement and management system


    1. Strategic Retail Management

    • Functions, Formats and Players in Retailing
    • Strategic Management in Retailing
    • International Retailing

    2. Linking Retail & Service Strategy with Supply Chain Management

    • Supply chain efficiency in the context of retail and sales strategies
    • Lean sales management
    • Demand management

    3. Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration in Online Commerce

    • New product technology and disruptive forces on distribution
    • Online and connected worlds are creating opportunities and threats to traditional business models
    • New business models require changes in collaboration partner
    • Types of innovation and identifying new market opportunities

    4. Sales Performance Management

    • Performance measurement concepts
    • Tools and systems in performance management
    • The cybernetic performance management circle

    Recommended supplemental readings (please use always latest edition)

    Dunne, P., Carver, J. and Lusch, R.F., Retailing.

    Skilton, M., Building a Digital Enterprise 2015: A Guide to Constructing Monetization Models Using Digital Technologies (Business in the Digital Economy)

    Zentes, J., Morschett, D. and Schramm-Klein, H., Strategic Retail Management, Wiesbaden (GER).