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    Brunk Michael

    Subject: :

    Management of Logistics Networks

    University | Company:

    Rohde & Schwarz Messgerätebau GmbH Memmingen

    Michael Brunk is married and has two children. He was born in Giessen, Hessen, in 1965 and grew up in Allgäu. After school and military service he made an apprenticeship as a photographer. Afterwards he studied Precision Engineering in Aalen and from 1994 onwards he worked for several national and international companies as project manager in product development.

    Since 2000 he has been employed at Rohde & Schwarz Messgeräte GmbH in Memmingen. As a process engineer he has been analysing and optimising processes in the appliance assembly based on the Value Stream Design from Mike Rothe. In 2004 he could, as overall project manager, re-structure the merchandise logistics in a new industrial building and implement SAP LES. From 2005 onwards he was employed in several leading positions in logistics and since 2015 has been manager of SCM Deliver Order Processing and Dispatch with currently about 70 employees.

    Key responsibilities:

    -    Responsible for intern scheduling of customer and service contracts and confirmation of delivery dates, as well as packaging the goods to the dispatch, including the worldwide export development.

    -    Production and material availability, optimisation of material flow and material stocks “Lean Logistics“.

    -    2007 set up special transport network for delivery to American end customers.

    -    Set up Rohde & Schwarz Production Systems incl. the definition of appropriate KPI for the Deliver sector.

    -    2010 to 2012 Responsible for the set up and operation of the global logistics network for

    -    the new production locations in Singapore and Malaysia and their connections to the existing company structures. Definition of the appropriate processes in SAP and the coordination of the Rollout on-site.

    -    Since 2016 project manager of the new logistics centre in Memmingen.

    Michael Brunk is also a visiting lecturer at Kempten University. He lives with his family near Kempten and in his spare time he goes to Karate (Kata) and enjoys cycling.