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Harley Lovegrove


Managing Organisational Transformation and Change

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The Bayard Partnership, Belgium

Harley Lovegrove formed his first company at the age of 21 while working as a junior marketing assistant for an industrial company in London. His career path began with teaching music, and then veered its way through recruitment, marketing, sales and eventually to becoming the owner of a photographic and marketing services business aimed at the UK’s building sector.

In 1995 Harley moved to Belgium where he earned a living importing UK building products onto the Belgian market.  Twelve months later he joined a very small Belgian high technology software company (Eonic Systems) where he was taken on in the position of office manager.  Working alongside the CEO, the company grew rapidly and Harley took on the responsibility of COO.  Within a period of less than four years the company opened development and satellite sales offices in the US, Germany, Korea, India, Brazil, China, and the UK.  Eonic Systems was sold to an American multi-national in 2001, for 19 times the original step in price.

Since 2000, Harley has taken up numerous interim management posts working for a variety of businesses from high technology and software to petrochemical, transport, mobile telecommunications, banking and apparel.

Known to be a charismatic people motivator, Harley has driven teams to deliver solid results, even in the most difficult of circumstances.  Today as Chairman of The Bayard Partnership Harley focuses on strategic coaching and consulting on complex change assignments at C-Level for their clients, plus giving lectures, motivational speeches and workshops, writing essays, blogs and books, coaching the next generation of Bayard Associates.