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    Ben Waller


    MBA Track International Sales Management
    Main topics: Linking retail and service business strategy with supply chain management; Innovation, disruption and collaboration in online commerce


    International Car Distribution Programme

    Ben is a Senior Researcher at the International Car Distribution Programme (ICDP), based in the UK. His particular areas of interest include new vehicle distribution and supply, repair and maintenance supply chains, emerging partnerships for distribution of alternative powertrains, data sharing and information technology enabling personal mobility, and customer experience and behaviour. Ben also leads and delivers executive teaching to ICDP members via bespoke courses.  

    Previously, Ben was a Senior Research Associate at Cardiff Business School where he led research on projects with a number of partners, including a yearlong study with Oracle and their customers on supply chain capability, and with the defence sector on repair and maintenance supply systems. Prior to this Ben has been a researcher with 3DayCar and ICDP, and a business analyst at Sainsbury’s. In addition to research and consultancy, Ben occasionally authors articles for the business press and has delivered presentations to a wide range of audiences, from academic conferences to senior executives, across Europe, North America and Australia.