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    Beispiele für Masterarbeiten

    Balch, Natalie Audrey
    (2013): Configuration of management agreements in hospitality industry. Analysis of uncertainty adaptations. Volltext

    Bauer, Daniel & Göbl, Martin (2017): Flexibility measurement issues in supply chain management. Volltext

    Bauer, Michael (2010): Strategic transformation of CSR concepts in a multinational corporation. Evaluation of BT’s CSR engagement in "SOS Children’s Village Vocational Training Center Nuremberg" using a strategic management approach. Volltext

    Hartmann, Denise (2015): The Value of Purpose - Employee Motivation and Retention in Times of Generation Y. Volltext

    Kalkschmidt, Thomas (2012): Organisational culture in a cross-cultural context. Volltext

    Knapich, Norbert (2010): Exploring the relationship between national culture and organisational commitment of employees. In the business case of AEG Identifikationssysteme GmbH. Volltext

    Kraus, Markus Dominik (2016): Comparing Generation X and Generation Y on their Preferred Emotional Leadership Style. Volltext

    Mayer, Andrea (2016): Analysis of Profitability by Implementing RFID-Technology in 3PL Warehouse Business. Volltext

    Müller, Daniel (2013): Operating in hostile, harsh or remote environment. An approach for companies to survive the complexity of greater impact incidents. Volltext

    Müller-Edenborn, Kamila Joanna (2017): The impact of achievement motivation on performance in MBA studies. Volltext

    Querin, Francesco (2017): An analysis of the impact of logistics on Customer Service. Volltext

    Rech, Monique (2011): The influence of conflict management and emotional intelligence on leadership productivity. Volltext

    Schmölz, Markus (2008): Corporate culture. Differences between “general culture” and the “department culture”. Volltext

    Schütz, Patrick R. (2011): Analysis of the MBA-Programme market situation in Germany under the aspect of job opportunities. Volltext

    Valentin, Sven (2016): Impact of individual needs and values on consumers’ attention, perception and liking of advertisements. Volltext

    Wuttke, David (2008): Ethically sound business principles. Corporate responsibilities and the impact of a common commitment on a company’s values management ; theory & empiricism in the business case of the MULTIVAC Group. Volltext