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Faculty of Social and Health Studies – human beings right at its heart

In the Faculty of Social and Health Studies at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, everything revolves around people. Graduates from our degree programmes act on their convictions and strive to help ensure human issues are tackled with a mind to moral and social values. We therefore go to great effort to ensure tight networking with the professional sector so that our students become accustomed to applying their knowledge in practice before they even graduate. Our faculty nurtures close links with the social and health care sector for students’ practical, research and study projects.


We strongly emphasise conducting applied research. Our teaching carves innovative pathways, nurturing interfaces with other faculties and training students in line with state-of-the-art research. In our AAL Living Lab, a teaching and research apartment for people (starting to be) in need of support, we trial complex assistance systems for living with impairments. Our Institute of Health and Generations (IGG) bridges the gap between research and practice in social work by combining innovative teaching and practice-based learning with consultancy services and analyses for social facilities and local authorities in its Social Lab.


Master’s degree courses

“Do you enjoy working with people? Are you interested in how to organise health services well? Do you believe that social services should be provided in a factually based, legally secure and efficient manner? If your answer is yes to these and similar questions, then our department is the right place for you. In the Faculty of Social and Health Studies, we train students to work in social and health services. Your choice of degree programme will reflect whether you wish to focus on either qualifying to provide hands-on social work or therapeutic care, or acquiring the necessary skills to manage and administer social or health care services.”

- Astrid Selder (Dean of the Faculty of Social and Health Studies)


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