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A task with a future

Have you already completed educational training and would like to enhance your qualifications by studying social work? This professional part-time bachelor’s degree programme prepares you exceptionally well specifically for child and youth work, but also more broadly for many other areas in the sector. The demand for specially qualified child and youth support workers and experts in adult educational work continues to grow, providing a particularly wide and diverse range of career options.

This degree programme is directed primarily at full-time educational experts in child and youth work, such as state-certified educators. The core subjects in social work – relating to its history, theories, methods and organisation – are combined with the central fundamental principles of the related sciences, i.e. educational science, psychology, philosophy, sociology and social policy. In addition, we also encompass key aspects of law and business administration. This degree programme is run in collaboration with Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR) (“Bavarian Youth Ring”) and Gauting Youth Work Institute.

As admissions to the bachelor’s degree programme in Social Work majoring in Youth Work (professional part-time) are restricted, you also need to apply via the Hochschulstart system.

At a glance

  • Award

    Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)

  • Study mode

    part-time professional

  • Standard duration

    7 Semester

  • ECTS credits


  • Starts

    winter semester

  • Restricted admission


  • Taught in


  • Faculty

    Social and Health Studies

  • Study abroad


  • Maximum number of participants


  • Accreditation


Details about this course

Building upon your previous experience, you will spend the first semesters learning about the basic professional and scientific principles of social work. Besides the core subjects of history, theories, methods and organisation of social work, importance is also placed on interlinking these with their related sciences.

Instead of spending one entire semester completing an internship, you will work on three practically focused projects in total between the first and sixth semester, each lasting two semesters and supervised by a formally qualified expert in social work (state-certified social educationalist). Two of these projects should, if possible, focus on your working environment and enable you to form profound links between theory and practice, while another must address a different field of work than your own. Academic supervision for the three practically focused study projects will be provided in the form of blended learning, using the Moodle learning platform implemented by Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

Other areas of study focus on methodical and thematic aspects such as “Project and conceptual development in social organisations” and “Discussion and advice in social work”. Semester 7 covers more advanced academic work and subject matter.

Upon successfully completing the programme, the university of applied sciences will award you the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the right to use the professional title “state-certified social educationalist” in accordance with BaySozKiPädG.

Besides equipping you with a higher qualification in the field of child and youth work, this degree programme also prepares you to potentially switch to other areas of social work, particularly for support work with children and adolescents in general and for adult education. Experts in these fields are anticipated to be in high demand in the years ahead, which means you can expect a wide range of diverse job opportunities to match your level of qualification.

Fields of activity:

  • Adult education
  • Youth social work
  • Youth careers advice
  • Social work in schools
  • Youth aid planning
  • Socio-educational family support
  • Street work
  • Educational and family advice centres
  • Addiction counselling
  • Educational support
  • Juvenile court assistance
  • Managing a children’s daycare facility
  • General social services
  • Integrational assistance and inclusion
  • Social work with the elderly
  • Women’s housing
  • Intercultural social work with refugees and/or migrants
  • Social work with the homeless
  • Debt counselling
  • Managing a social facility or unit

Application process:

This degree programme is aimed particularly at full-time educational experts in child or youth work (in accordance with § 11 SGB VIII), such as state-certified educators and other workers with an equivalent qualification.

Candidates must fulfil the following admission criteria:

  1. Fully trained state-certified educator, or equivalent training certificates; you can apply for recognition of these on an individual basis.
  2. Eligibility for university; alternatively, successfully completed apprenticeship (lasting at least two years) followed by at least three years’ full-time professional experience in a related area of work, or a master of crafts certificate.
  3. As study projects with a practical basis in the field of child and youth work are to be conducted from the first through to the sixth semester, students fundamentally need to be employed in these similar fields of social work at the time.

We have pooled all the information and details you might need about applying and the admission requirements .

About you:

Are you experienced in either professional or voluntary child and youth work? Do you enjoy engaging with scientific correlations, learning independently and working as part of a team? Then you meet the criteria for this bachelor’s degree programme to a tee!

Allocation of places:

Places on the professional part-time bachelor’s degree programme in Social Work majoring in Youth Work are allocated via the points-based “Supplementary Higher Education Selection Process”, which awards points towards the average grade of candidates’ eligibility for university. Additional points can be earned for activities, previous experience and/or awards outside school that are relevant to the chosen degree programme that improve your ranking in the priority list for a place on a course.
You can access the documentation for evidence of equivalent training certificates and of your experience in youth work under “Downloads”. Please follow the instructions provided for completing these documents.

We ascribe to the values of openness, tolerance and acceptance. Our aim is to teach everyone involved at Kempten University of Applied Sciences about education in an international context. As part of this, we support university-wide, inter-faculty measures to promote international projects and cross-cultural interaction.

Would you like to learn more about our international focus and the options we offer to study abroad? Then please take a closer look at our portal.

We compile all study programme and examination regulations centrally for you. There you will find all versions and changes. continue

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Further details about the degree programme


We know how exciting it can be to embark upon your degree programme, so we have arranged a special contact in case you have any questions about studying with us.

Contact for prospective students

  • University Student Advisory Service

If you have any questions about studying or applying, please get in touch with the University Student Advisory Service for your degree. 

  • Advisor for this degree programme

If you are interested in this degree programme and would like to ask any questions, please contact our programme advisor for your degree.


Our collaborative partner “Gauting Institute for Youth Work” can also advise on this degree programme. Please contact its Director:
Martin Holzner (Institut für Jugendarbeit Gauting)
Email holzner(at)institutgauting.de


Existing students

If you have any questions about your degree programme, please contact our academic advisor for your degree.



State certification

The university awards students who successfully complete the programme the academic title Bachelor of Arts (B. A.). and the right to use the professional title “state-certified social educationalist” in accordance with BaySozKiPädG.


The degree programme in itself is free of charge. A fee is payable to the student association, and costs are associated with any overnight accommodation and catering required for attending face-to-face classes, together with travel expenses for journeys to regional days and examinations. Face-to-face classes held at Gauting Institute for Youth Work incur fees ranging from 243 to 420 euros per semester (according to your choice between: catering only, catering plus overnight accommodation, or catering with overnight accommodation in a single room).

Collaborative partners

Kempten University of Applied Sciences is solely responsible for the degree programme, although the Bavarian Youth Ring and Gauting Institute for Youth Work  act as collaborative partners. If you have any questions about the degree programme, you are also welcome to contact Martin Holzner directly, the Director of Gauting Institute for Youth Work.