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Services offered by the FZA

The service team at Forschungszentrum Allgäu acts as the central point of contact and coordinator for arranging support from the scientists at Kempten University of Applied Sciences at all stages of your research plans.


  • Advice and support with submitting applications for public and private-sector funding for research projects (contract research / R&D)
  • Administrative support and project management for externally funded projects
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  • Scientific communication and public relations work tailored to suit target groups
  • Developing and implementing transfer structures, processes and formats
  • Presenting research projects and communicating important results
  • Networking relevant players in science, industry and society


  • Administration and accounting for R&D projects in accordance with European budget separation
  • Procurement and accounting
  • Monitoring expenditure and draw downs / invoicing
  • Producing proof of usage quantities
  • Project controlling


  • Advice on appropriate IT equipment to suit R&D projects
  • Procurement and setting up FZA hardware
  • IT administration for R&D sites
  • Support with licences and applications software for R&D projects
  • Installing project files including all security measures
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