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The Institute for Health and Generations (IGG) belongs to the Faculty of Social and Health Studies at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. The aim of the IGG is to combine practice, research and teaching within the framework of selected focal topics in social work and the social and health care sector. The IGG covers two fields of activity in this undertaking – social management and empirical social research.

In the area of social management the IGG supports social facilities and local authorities, for example, in planning and running events, planning and organising initial and advanced training and professional development, and developing concepts for senior citizens and health.

The area of empirical social research encompasses scientific analyses and evaluations – analysing resources, requirements, needs, satisfaction and social spheres, for example. The IGG achieves this by harnessing the entire spectrum of empirical quantitative and qualitative methods, such as survey-based research, interviews, group discussions and analysis of documents. Clients are presented the results in a practical, appropriate and application-oriented format.

Both these activities drive forward the construction of a Social Lab for university teaching, giving students in the Faculty of Social and Health Studies the chance to augment their theoretical studies with practical experience, applications and experimentation. Various innovative teaching and learning formats are used, with students getting involved in project work and research workshops under the auspices of the IGG.


Scientific directors

Prof. Dr. Petra Benzinger

Prof. Dr. Anneke Bühler

Prof. Dr. Philipp Prestel

Prof. Dr. Johannes Zacher




Dr. Lisa Fischer

Eva Konrad

Dr. Mara Müller

Anna Westbrock


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