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Kempten University of Applied Sciences is the only public institution of higher education in Allgäu to provide academic training in engineering sciences, business administration and tourism, computer science and multimedia, and social and health studies. Since its foundation in 1977, this educational hub at the foot of the Alps has gone from strength to strength.

From the original provisional building, the site on Bahnhofstrasse has evolved into a 53,000m² university campus with state-of-the-art teaching buildings, laboratories, a library and spacious canteen.

The special profile of Kempten University of Applied Sciences stems from the broad, solid training it provides in a tight core of foundation studies with proportionate specialisation at advanced level. Our courses are specially geared towards practical relevance and internationalisation across the board.

The core strength of our application-focused studies lies in wide-ranging collaborations with business and industry . Our network of more than 110 partner universities all over the world enables students to complete certain parts of their programme abroad.

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