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Humans at the heart

You have always known for sure that you want to work with and for people later in life. If that’s the case, then our degree programme in Social Services Management will enable you to fulfil your dream! Training as a social services manager will equip you with wide-ranging skills that are in greater demand than ever in the social sector. You will design concepts and plan social-sector measures and projects – and take the initial idea through to funding, implementation and evaluation. This might involve you in coordinating organisations, networking people, providing advice and scheduling activities, or working in regional projects or international organisations.

Our society needs the social sector industry! Children, adolescents, senior citizens, people with a migration background, refugees, people with disabilities or who are socially disadvantaged – in fact, all of us – benefit from the services provided by the social sector.

This degree programme in Social Services Management combines the fields of business administration, law and social work – especially networking and dovetailing all these disciplines. Throughout your studies, we support you in the form of small learning groups, excursions and intensive mentoring for internships and bachelor theses. In addition, you can expect practically relevant teamwork and learning, a friendly atmosphere and professors who know you by name.

At a glance

  • Award

    Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)

  • Study mode

    full-time, dual

  • Standard duration

    7 Semester

  • ECTS credits


  • Starts

    winter semester

  • Restricted admission


  • Taught in


  • Faculty

    Social and Health Studies

  • Study abroad


  • Accreditation

    AHPGS, German Accreditation Council

Details about this course

The foundation course (semesters 1 to 3) teaches the fundamental principles of business administration, law and social work, addressing the interfaces where human beings meet science.

The advanced course (semesters 4 to 7) is divided into three theoretical semesters and a practical one. In the fourth semester, you will focus on the various tasks involved in social work. Typical fields of expertise (e.g. international social sector, English for social scientists, punishment and liability, team-building) are interlinked with interdisciplinary topics (funding, communications, organisation, project management, quality development, human resource management).

During the practical semester (semester 5), you will link theoretical knowledge with practical experiences and conduct your own projects for the first time. Classes to support you will be held at the university.

The two final semesters of study reinforce applications and link your knowledge with your experience in projects and in the field. To channel your knowledge in the direction of your choice, you will select two subjects to major in, currently from:

  • Participation and inclusion
  • Biography and youth
  • Personnel and management
  • Social disparities.

To incorporate an element abroad, we offer you the chance to study relevant subject matter at a partner university.

To round off your degree, you then write your bachelor’s thesis. Upon successfully completing the programme, the university of applied sciences will award you the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

The high demand for social services, the need for concepts in the social sector and the search for innovative and networked working methods in public administration and the social sector all call for multiple skills, which you will be taught on this degree programme in Social Services Management – so you can expect a wide range of diverse job opportunities after graduating. Coupled with relevant experience, this bachelor’s degree in Social Services Management also places you in good stead to assume extensive organisational responsibility.

As a social services manager, you might work, for example, for welfare associations, public employers, social insurance funds, employment agencies, foundations, start-ups, or in private-sector social enterprises.

You are likely to handle a wide range of tasks – anything from project management to human resources, controlling, marketing, leadership, quality management, networking, coordination, project development or dispensing advice.

Application process:

We have pooled all the information and details you might need about applying and the admission requirements

About you:

Are you interested in legal, social and economic affairs? Are you open to new modes of thought and fields of work? Have you perhaps even already completed a voluntary internship in a social-sector facility? If so, you’re on the right track to study Social Services Management!

We ascribe to the values of openness, tolerance and acceptance. Our aim is to teach everyone involved at Kempten University of Applied Sciences about education in an international context. As part of this, we support university-wide, inter-faculty measures to promote international projects and cross-cultural interaction.

The degree programme in Social Services Management also offers a semester abroad as part of the advanced course. Equivalents to module sections 6 and 7 can generally be identified at foreign universities and counted as part of the programme. You can also spend your practical semester abroad with ease. The specialisation in “International Social Services Management” has been specifically designed as loosely and flexibly as possible to enable students to spend the sixth or seventh semester abroad, with the module elements even tailored to reflect the courses offered by foreign universities.

Are you interested in learning more about our international aspirations and the options for you to study abroad? Take a look at the information posted in our portal.

We compile all study programme and examination regulations centrally for you. There you will find all versions and changes. continue

Programme with extended practice

Would you like to combine study and practice? With pleasure! The Kempten University of Applied Sciences offers you the following opportunity to study with more practice:

  1. Studies with in-depth practice practical and flexible!
    In the study programme with in-depth practice, a regular Bachelor's programme at the university is combined with intensive practical phases at a practice partner, based on the study content. Students can enter this study option up to the 4th semester.
  2. Combined studies a practical combination of study and work!
    With a combined study programme, you can acquire a fully recognised vocational qualification within your Bachelor's degree. This double qualification is particularly attractive for many companies!

You can find more information about the offers here.

Master's degree programmes

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Further details about the degree programme


We know how exciting the prospect of going to university can be. So we want you to know whom you can get in touch with if you have any questions about studying with us.

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