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Practically without limits – dual study programmes

Combined and extended-practice degree programmes offer students a wide rage of flexible models with a high proportion of work experience, preparing you meticulously for your professional future.

You will benefit from:

  • Acute practical relevance
  • Financial independence while you study
  • High chance of being taken on
  • Outstanding career prospects
  • Acquiring key social skills
  • Academic knowledge
  • Dual qualification from combined study programme
  • Potential company placement abroad

Why study on a dual / cooperative programme?

Best of both worlds!

Theory and practice – smooth transition from studying to your career

At last! You’ve finished school or college and have the qualifications you need for university – what now?

Are you highly motivated to achieve your career aspirations? We offer the following options for dual / cooperative study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences:

In both cases, you require a partner company to accompany your dual / cooperative studies. You can study on a dual / cooperative programme for a bachelor’s degree– and in some cases for a master’sdegree.

You can find a list of all the dual / cooperative programmes and options that we offer together with partner companies in our “Dual / cooperative study options” portal.

All academic departments at Kempten University of Applied Sciences offer options for dual / cooperative studies. Our students on these programmes spend time at the partner companies during lecture-free periods. The theory covered during the programme equates to a regular academic degree programme, with the practical experience added on. Trained both in theory and practice – that makes graduates of dual / cooperative programmes particularly appealing to industry.

Cooperative models keep on growing and developing. Effective collaboration between the Employment Agency, the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, partner companies, Kempten University of Applied Sciences and a number of vocational colleges fuels the success and quality of our range of cooperative programmes.

Knowledge and skills, theory and practice

It’s a combination that makes for strategic success – and innovative prowess is key to a thriving business. And innovative force stems from well trained specialist workers who not only know what’s what, but also how to use it. You can hone precisely this combination through dual / cooperative study.

Graduates from “hochschule dual” already command both

state-of-the-art theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. What’s more, you have already achieved high-level performance. You are the ideal candidate for discerning businesses looking to circumvent the shortage of specialist workers by attracting superbly trained fledgling managers.

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