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Research Priority Areas

Forschungszentrum Allgäu (FZA) – Allgäu Research Centre at Kempten University of Applied Sciences coordinates numerous research and development projects either conducted as part of publicly funded research programmes or serving industry and the private sector. The remits of the various projects tackle the most cutting-edge challenges in society in the key research fields of Energy, Mobility, Production and Social Innovations. We harness crossover expertise in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which amplifies the specialisms in the different university faculties.

Scientific staff with higher education degrees work under the guidance of professors on preliminary research projects and applied research and development. The methods and findings that evolve in the process are in turn injected into teaching, thus generating cutting-edge, bang-up-to-date course content on our degree programmes. In accordance with the tasks facing society, the research plans are pooled under the four following Research Priority Areas at our university of applied sciences:


Find us on the HRK’s Research Map

The Research Map published by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) details the key research priorities of higher education institutions in a uniform format, using straightforward language. The participating institutions are responsible for positing their own specialisms and subject areas on the joint Research Map – providing their own descriptions of the key research priorities that define their particular profiles.

Kempten University Of Applied Sciences divides its research into four Research Priority Areas. Three of these also appear on the Research Map: