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Environmental protection and sustainability

The subjects of environmental protection and sustainability have rocketed up the agenda in recent years due to the increase in the global consumption of plastic. Why are plastic foils used so frequently for packaging food; are there are any more environmentally friendly alternatives? You will explore the answers to this and many other ecological questions on our degree programme in Food and Packaging Technology.


  • Can convenience food and smart packaging be compatible with sustainability?
  • Does sustainability mean doing without plastic packaging?


  • Can we make products safer by using new packaging solutions?
  • Can packaging be made more sustainable by using biopolymers instead of conventional plastics?

Environmental protection

  • Huge whirlpools of waste in the oceans – what role does packaging play here, and how can we avoid this?
  • Which harms the environment least – drinking juice out of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, cartons, or perhaps using returnable bottles?


  • German is the world champion in recycling – but how much packaging is really recycled in practice?
  • Increase in global use of plastic – demand for improved recycling in Europe due to limited availability of resources.


  • Packaging boom – generally a negative thing, or are there any positive aspects?
  • How can packaging help reduce food wastage?


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