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You can study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences with a

  • general university entrance certificate,
  • subject-specific university entrance certificate, or
  • an advanced technical college certificate

(evidence must be presented). In addition, formally trained workers, e.g. masters of trades, technicians, commercial/business administrators, can also study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

Information for prospective students with a general university entrance certificate

Recognition of German certificates

Recognition of German certificates

Certificates must comply with the requirements of the Directive on Eligibility to Study at Universities in the Free State of Bavaria and Recognised Private Universities. Further information can be provided by Academic Registry and the University Student Advisory Service.

Certificates issued prior to 3 October 1990 by schools in the former German Democratic Republic (“new federal states”) must be verified by the:

Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle für den Freistaat Bayern
Abteilung für Bildungsnachweise der ehemaligen DDR
Beetzstrasse 4
81679 Munich, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 89 22 45 08

Certificates issued after 3 October 1990 will be checked during the university’s admissions procedure. Certification of the average grade attained should also be sought from the relevant authority at the same time.

Recognition of foreign certificates

Recognition of foreign certificates

Foreign certificates must be verified by:

uni-assist e. E. V., Geneststr. 5, 10829 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 30 666 44 345
Fax +41 31 323 75 74

Please send the original* certificate, or an officially certified copy, of your eligibility for university gained abroad by post to uni-assist . uni-assist only accepts the original “APS” validation for applicants from China / Mongolia / Vietnam. Please attach officially certified copies of your transcripts from universities or schools, main school leaving certificates, or certificates of studies. 

Once your document has been processed, you will receive your “preliminary review documentation” (“Vorprüfungsdokumentation – VPD”). Please send this to Academic Registry at Kempten University of Applied Sciences by 27 July for applications for degree programmes starting in a winter semester . The deadline is 15 January for applications for a degree programme starting in a summer semester.

Uni-assist charges a feefor verifying documents.

International students can find further information of particular relevance on our Internationalpages.

*) Other than the “APS” validation, no originals should be submitted. uni-assist does not return original documents to applicants.

Information for trained workers and masters of trades

General eligibility for university

General eligibility for university

As of Winter Semester 2009/10, general eligibility to study at a university of applied sciences was expanded to include anyone who holds a master of trades certificate or equivalent, such as having completed education in a public or state-recognised vocational college or academy. This is conditional upon an advisory meeting with the institution. If your application dossier doesn’t include evidence of such a meeting, we will advise you whom to contact and how via the applications portal. Please wait until you have submitted your application dossier before seeking to arrange any appointments. 

IMPORTANT: If you have already had such a discussion with a different university of applied sciences in Bavaria, we will accept evidence of this as fulfilling this criterion.

For holders of a master of trades certificate or equivalent qualification, the arithmetic mean of the final grades for each part of a formal assessment and the subject-specific final assessment grades will be used for the selection procedure. For holders of certificates awarded by a vocational college or academy, the overall examination grade or, in if no overall grade is indicated, the arithmetic mean of the individual grades for the various subjects (excluding elective subjects) and the individual subject-specific grades cited on the leaving certificate will be considered. The overall average grade for formally trained workers is calculated from the final examination for their professional training and the certificate awarded by their vocational school/college.

Eligibility to study specific subjects at a university

Eligibility to study specific subjects at a university

As of Winter Semester 2009/2010, formally trained workers are deemed eligible to study specific subjects at a university of applied sciences if they meet the following requirements:

  • Having successfully completed at least two years of formal vocational training pursuant to the regulations contained in the Vocational Training Act, the Crafts Code, and governed by national or state law in a field technically related to the intended degree programme*
  • Having subsequently spent at least three years working primarily in a field field technically related to the intended degree programme
  • Having successfully completed a trial period of study lasting at least two semesters. The trial period of study must accrue at least 30 ECTS Credit Points in studies and formal assessments (adequate performance on programmes leading to the German “Diplom”). During this period, students are enrolled provisionally. If the required performances / credit points aren’t achieved, this counts as having failed the trial period of study and the student will be exmatriculated from the university.
  • Having completed an advisory meeting at the university where the applicant wishes to study

After passing this 2-semester trial period of study, Kempten University of Applied Sciences will verify the conditions for access to study a specific subject at university and certify that the applicant is eligible to study on the programme for which they have applied.

*) To be deemed a technically related field, there must be sufficient overlap of subject matter between both the vocational training and experience and the intended programme of study, particularly in teaching the knowledge and skills required for studying on the degree programme.

Applying for a bachelor’s degree programme

Would you like to study at Kempten University of Applied Sciences? If so, we would be delighted for you to apply. Please check our entry requirements and admissions procedure before you start. You can find plenty of information and a clear overview in our FAQs

Key information is posted on our page about the applications period

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 We can be contacted by telephone:

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  • Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12 noon
  • Please arrange an appointment for a personal consultation.

Building D, 1st floor

First port of call for bachelor’s studies

If you have any general questions about the degree programmes that we offer, the University Student Advisory Service will be happy to help. For any questions specifically related to online applications or your applicant ID, please call our hotline:

Surnames starting A-K:

Surnames starting L-Z:

These telephone numbers are the same for all subjects until the end of the allocation process.

At that point, Academic Registry takes over.

Contacts in Academic Registry

Tel. +49 (0) 831 2523 + extension no.

Academic Registry (technical)
All engineering and computer science degree programmes

  • Sarah Puttner: +352 (Room D 205)
  • Ramona Bilgri: +120 (Room D 206)
  • Susanne Breitfeld: +359 (Room D 206)
  • Tanja Hansbauer: +354 (Room D 207)
  • Stefani Konc: +351 (Room D 204)
  • Dunja Mühleisen: +359 (Room D 206)

Go to Academic Registry.

Academic Registry (Business/Economics)
all business-related degree programmes

  • Antje Bauerfeind: +355 (Room D 209)
  • Cornelia Buchwald: +350 (Room D 208)
  • Andrea Riescher-Socher: +361 / +355 (Room D 209)
  • Djamila Schittenhelm: +122 (Room D 212)
  • Alexander Städele: + 124 (Zimmer D 209)