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Please see our FAQs on using the library.


Registration / library card

Members of the university and external users can register with the library. Students and university staff should present their Campuscard the first time they wish to borrow a book, as it also serves as your library card once that feature has been activated. Students’ library cards remain valid for the duration of their studies, after which they can be transferred to guest reader status, if desired.

External users need to present formal ID to acquire a library card, which will be valid for one year to start with, but can then be renewed indefinitely.

Usage is based on the General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian State Libraries (ABOB), as posted at the entrance to the library.

Loaning process

The book collections are arranged to be freely accessible to users. This means you can go right up to the shelves to look for any book you are seeking. You must present your library card at the lending desk to borrow a book.

A maximum of 20 books can be borrowed by one user at any on time.

Loan period

The lending period is generally four weeks. However, different arrangements apply for students during vacation time between semesters. A chit is placed into the book when it is taken on loan that clearly indicates the date it is due back.


Students are allowed to renew books up to five times, guest readers twice, as long as the book has not been reserved by anyone else. You can renew books yourself online in the Library Catalogue (TouchPoint) using either the OPAC terminal in the library or an external PC.


Users can reserve a work that is currently on loan to someone else. You can also reserve works yourself in the University Library Catalogue using either the OPAC terminal or an external PC.<br/> <br/> The library cannot disclose the name of the user who currently has the work on loan on data protection grounds.

Reference-only collections

Works marked with a red stripe:

  • Reference-only copies of core text books
  • Loose-leaf editions
  • Reference works
  • Periodicals (individual issues and bound annual volumes)


For the most part, using the library’s services is free of charge.

Apart from:
Photocopying and printing (restricted to university members)

Fines for overdue loans / late returns
1st overdue reminder: € 7,50
2nd overdue reminder: € 10,00
3rd overdue reminder: € 20,00
4th overdue reminder: € 30,00 (performance notice)

Please note:

  • The fine for each overdue reminder is added to the existing sum.
  • Any overdue reminder fines due/owed continue to apply even after books have been returned.
  • Users must pay the full replacement cost for any lost or damaged books, as well as any other costs incurred as a result.


Library lending desk

 +49 (0) 831 2523-128

Building M, 1st floor

Opening hours
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