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Citavi for university members

How do I get Citavi?

1. We advise you to start by registering for the full version Citavi Pro using your university email address.

2. Then go to the manufacturer’s website and download the free version of Citavi here. The installation process will require you to enter the details that you submitted during step 1. Your account will then be automatically upgraded from the free version to the full Citavi Pro.

Can I also use Citavi Pro/Team?

Kempten University of Applied Sciences has purchased a campus licence that qualifies you to upgrade from the free version to Citavi Pro/Team, enabling you to use Citavi Pro for each licensed year (through to 31 December) on either two devices or one device and a USB stick. This agreement applies to all students and staff at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Should Kempten University of Applied Sciences not renew the licence, you would still be able to continue using the free version, thus preserving your data.

Where can I access the instructions and information about Citavi?

There’s lots of interesting information, such as how-to guides, FAQs, tips and advice, together with videos and screenshots for getting the best out of Citavi.

You will also find plenty of help, including images, in the left-hand column of the Citavi in-app “Brief guide”. The rule of thumb for Citavi is anything blue is a button. Short instructions are displayed to the left of every entry field.


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