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Inter library loans & order suggestions

How long can I keep inter-library loans? Are inter-library loans also renewable?

The donor library sets the loan period, which is marked on the chit issued with the book. As a general rule, you will be able to keep these books for one month initially and then renew them twice. You can renew them yourself in your account (see instructions for renewals). If the book cannot be renewed, this will be marked on the chit. Please note that the donor library is entitled to recall an inter-library loan after a book has been renewed, so you might be required to return it earlier than the extended deadline. We will notify you if this is the case.

How long does it take for book on inter-library loan to arrive?

It generally takes about ten days for inter-library loan books to arrive at the library. However, this depends upon availability, so some books might take a bit longer than this.

How will I know when my inter-library loan has arrived?

We will notify you by email when the book has been delivered to Kempten University Library.

Students, please note:
We send emails only to your university email address.

How do inter-library loans of periodicals work, and what do they cost?

As a general rule, you order periodicals for inter-library loan the same way as books – via the University Library Catalogue. You will find articles under “Articles & more” and can also order them in the “Verbundktalog”. Please consult the Guide to inter-library loans for further details. There is no charge for ordering articles from periodicals.

You will be given a copy to keep. The process generally takes less time for articles than books, so you can expect to receive your copy within one week.

How can I suggest a book for the library?


You can send us an order suggestion for books we are currently not holding at the library via email: bibliothek(at)hs-kempten.de


Loans, renewals & reservations

I would like to reserve a book. How do I do this?

In the University Library Catalogue’s menu, click Order (beneath a book out on loan). You can reserve the book by entering your user number and password. This prevents the person currently holding the book from renewing it any further. You will be sent an email when the book is returned and thus available for you to collect.

Can I cancel a reservation?

You can view and also cancel a reservation under the tab “Reservations” in “My details” in the University Library Catalogue.

How long can I borrow books or periodicals for?

Books are loaned for one month at a time. Periodicals are reference only and cannot be removed from the library.

Do I need my library card to borrow and return books?

You must have your library card with you to borrow books – otherwise you will not be allowed to do so. 

It’s not required to return books, though. You can also allow others to return them on your behalf.

How can I renew books? How often and for how long?

You are responsible for renewing books yourself via the University Library Catalogue, by logging on to “My details” and then clicking the “Loans” tab. The earliest you can renew books is one week prior to the due date.

Important! The new loan period is calculated from the date of renewal.

Students can renew books up to five times, for one month in each case. Guest readers can renew books a maximum of two times, for one month in each case.

Is there any way I can return a book outside opening hours?

Books can also be placed in the returns box at the back door to the canteen when the library is closed! (see site map) Access via the north car park.

Please check the return has been logged in your library account within a few days!

You can also return books to us by post. Please package items carefully and send them to:

Hochschulbibliothek Kempten
Bahnhofstrasse 61
87435 Kempten

What happens if I fail to return or renew a book on time?

This will result trigger a reminder and incur a fine.

Even the first reminder incurs a fine (7.50 euros)

Students, please note:
We send emails only to your university email address.

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