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Students can arrange Erasmus+ internships at companies or organisations in other European countries. Stays in any of the programme countries qualify for funding.

Benefits of an Erasmus+ abroad:

  • EU internship contract between the university, company and student (“Learning Agreement for Traineeship”)
  • Academic recognition of the internship
  • Support throughout the internship from a named contact at both the home university and the company
  • Funding for additional expenses incurred abroad
  • Assistance with preparations (cultural, linguistic, organisational)
  • Special subsidies for students with children
  • Special subsidies for students with disabilities
  • Special subsidies for sustainable travel (“green top-up”)

You will find the registration link for the Erasmus+ traineeship grant further down under "Procedure".


Criteria for an internship abroad with Erasmus+:

  • Enrolled as a regular student at a German university (of applied sciences)
  • Home university holds an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)
  • Excluded from funding are internships in European institutions/organisations, national embassies/consulates, and organisations that administer EU programmes.

Graduate internships

  • Graduate internships conducted abroad within one year of graduation also qualify for Erasmus+ funding, as long as they are completed within that timescale.
  • This funding period still forms part of the maximum permitted (= 12 months) for the immediately preceding study programme (bachelor’s or master’s degree).


  • You can apply for Erasmus funding in Mobility Online using this link.
    Important: Please scroll right to the bottom on the log-in screen and then click on the button “Apply for an internship abroad with Erasmus+”. Log in using your university ID and password to access the application form.
  • After entering your details, you will automatically be sent an email confirming your registration with a link to the log-in screen.
  • You should now return to the log-in screen.
    Important: Now, use the log-in field right at the top of the page instead of the registration field!
  • Once the International Office has checked your details, you can download, fill out and then upload your completed Learning Agreement for Traineeship (LA-T).
  • Once your LA-T has been checked, you will be given access to the EU online language test (OLS = Online Language Support).
  • Before you set off, you will receive your Grant Agreement which you need to please fill out, sign and submit with original signature to the International Office.
  • Upon receipt of the signed Grant Agreement, you will be paid the first instalment of your Erasmus+ funding by bank transfer. 
  • Please ensure that you submit your completion documents within 4 weeks of finishing your internship abroad to obtain the first instalment of your Erasmus+ funding.  These consist of:
    - Confirmation of the internship issued by the company (e.g. the “After the Mobility” section of the Learning Agreement, a work reference, freehand confirmation, etc.)
    - Part 2 of the language test (You will receive an email about this two weeks before the end of your internship)
    - Online questionnaire in the Mobility Tool (You will receive an email about this at the end of your internship)

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