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Are to keen to get some experience abroad while you’re studying at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, but don’t wish to spend an entire semester at a foreign university?

No problem – there are many options for short study visits abroadthat you can incorporate sensibly into your degree programme. Short stays abroad also provide many valuable experiences that you can benefit from both academically and personally.

Language courses abroad

The foreign languages courses here at Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Sometimes, spending a few weeks taking an intensive language course in the country where it is spoken, preferably at a foreign university, can be a useful addition to your degree programme. For example, it’s an opportunity to catch up on, consolidate and advance your skills. Alternatively, you might want to try learning (or improve) a language that isn’t taught at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, but which might be useful for a semester abroad or later on in your career.

Funding tip: Language courses at universities (!) lasting at least three weeks are eligible for funding via the PROMOS scholarship programme run by Kempten University of Applied Sciences. Further information and the application form are available under Fundingwebsite.

What is a summer / winter school?

A summer / winter school... 

  • generally runs for three to four weeks
  • usually takes place in August/September or February
  • is generally conducted in English
  • besides specialist and language courses, also familiarises participants with the host country, the local region and culture
  • gives you a chance to make international contacts and friendships
  • has an planned schedule with a mixture of talks, seminars, workshops, language classes and excursions
  • often awards credit points for the specialist and language courses, allowing it to count as a general or subject-specific compulsory elective

Universities and other organisations run these kinds of programmes. There’s no global compendium listing everything that’s on offer.

We are regularly sent notice of such events, particularly by our partner universities, which we post at the bottom of this page.

Looking for the right one

Have you not found anything suitable yet? We suggest the following: 

  • Start by thinking about which country/language you are interested in;
  • Then use online search engines to look specifically for the country + “summer school” or “winter School”, potentially adding “university”
  • Browse our partner universities’ websites to see what summer/winter schools they might offer.

Some Bavarian University Cooperation Centres run subsidised summer schools (and/or language courses):
   China: BayCHINA 
   France: BFHZ 
   India: Bavarian-Indian Centre for Business and University Cooperation 
   California: BaCaTeC 
   Latin America: BAYLAT 
  Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe: BAYHOST 

The DAAD’s “Go East” initiative  helps German students to attend summer schools covered by this programme, encompassing almost 60 summer schools in over 20 countries.

Tip: You can also apply for a PROMOS grant from Kempten University of Applied Sciences to attend a summer / winter school – see Funding

Applications for short stays

If you wish to take a language course or attend a summer/winter school abroad, you don’t apply via the International Office at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, but directly to the university or institution of your choice (e.g. a Bavarian University Cooperation Centre).

Exception: Some universities offer discounted fees to students at partner institutions. So if you want to apply for a language course or summer/winter school at one of our partner universities, please contact our International Officefirst so that we can let them know.