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Erasmus+ funding

Lecturing visits

Lecturing visits by professors and teaching fellows at European partner universities are eligible for funding via the Erasmus+ programme. Travel and subsistence costs can be covered, but not teaching fees. Further details are available on the website for the National Agency for EU University Collaboration – DAAD

Advanced training and professional development opportunities for university staff

The Erasmus+ programme includes funding for non-academic staff. for short stays at European universities (partner universities  or other Erasmus participants) for professional development purposes. Typical activities include job shadowing or attending an “International Week” or staff training week. International Week activities are usually posted online, where they can easily be accessed, e.g. here. A selection of opportunities at our our partner universities are also posted in the university wiki.  You can also find information there about how to apply, sources of funding, etc.

These events are generally conducted in English and usually run for one to two weeks. Travel and subsistence costs are also covered in these cases, To qualify for a grant, you must be staying in an Erasmus+ country, i.e. in Europe or Turkey. Unfortunately, Switzerland is not covered. Visits to the United Kingdom remain eligible until May 2023. Further information is also available from the national Erasmus agency: DAAD.

Guest lectures by foreign company representatives

Erasmus+ also funds guest lectures by business representatives from other European countries (Erasmus area)! Please feel free to get in touch with the International Office if you would like to find out more about this scheme. Further information is also available from the National Erasmus+ Agency on the DAAD website.

Other funding programmes

Guest lecturers scheme run by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts

The Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts operates a guest lecturers schemethat funds visits by foreign professors from all over the world to the university of applied sciences. Lecturers don’t have to be based at a specific home institution, as the scheme is not restricted to partner universities and it covers all countries, both throughout Europe and beyond. Visits can be either virtual or in person, assisting with travel and subsistence costs for the latter.

Further information and the application form can be found in the university wiki.