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Another amazing opportunity to gather foreign experience is to complete an internship in a different country. Compared to spending a semester studying theory at a foreign partner university, looking for a suitable job and arranging the internship often requires more individual initiative and time – around seven to nine months is a realistic estimate.

But it’s worth the effort! After all, it gives you a unique opportunity to sample the international employment scene and to get to know a different work culture. Further benefits of a foreign internship:

  • You will get immersed in the culture of your host country and come into more intensive contact with the locals than you would studying for a semester abroad;
  • You will make international professional contacts;
  • Many internships are paid jobs – helps fund your time abroad;
  • Hands-on international work experience is highly valued! A foreign internship really boosts career prospects!

So an internship abroad in your profile will truly stand out to potential employers!

The first step in this direction is to prepare everything well. We have gathered together all sorts of information, sources and handy tips for you on these pages.



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“I spent five months in Málaga on an internship. I found the time abroad very character-building. I got to know many new friends and other people, and have brought all sorts of inspiration back with me for the next stages of my life on home ground – it’s an adventure that I would urge everyone to embrace!

I have gained hands-on experience of what to expect from working life, which has steered decisions about my future career in the right direction.”

- Marie-Christin Meier (Tourism Management student)