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Welcome to Kempten University of Applied Sciences!

We look forward to your visit! If you have any questions or require any assistance with organising things, please get in touch with us in the International OfficeBesides English, various members of our team also speak French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Arabic.

Would you like to get in touch with an academic? If so, please contact the International Relations Coordinator for your prospective faculty. You can find out who that is here.

Kempten is a small town and we are a campus-based university of applied sciences – so you’re never far from the action! The train station, town centre and campus are only 15 minutes or so apart on foot. For details of how to reach us, please see “Getting here”.


Bernd Holzhauser
International Office, V 406
Tel.: +49 (0)831/2523-340

Information for university staff members who wish to invite guests from abroad:

International guests at the university

If you invite professional visitors from abroad, we would greatly appreciate advance notice to the International Office , please. This not only helps us to keep track of the university’s international activities, but we will also be very happy to offer advice and assistance regarding the visit. So please get in touch with us, either by calling or emailing international(at) – that’s all it takes!

Organising guest lectures by foreign lecturers

If you wish to invite foreign colleagues from partner universityto give guest lectures, please bear the following in mind:

  • If applied for in advance, subsidies can be arranged to help cover travel and subsistence expenses, and teaching fees for short visits might be funded (subject to available means) by the guest lecturers scheme run by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts. For further details, please see the page on Incoming guest lecturers.
  • In the case of remunerated guest lectures, please clarify the legal and formal arrangements with the finance department (up to 90 min. = guest lecture) or the HR department (> 90 min. = teaching seminars or workshops).
  • Hosting duties (taking guests for meals, excursions, etc.) can potentially be covered by international funds, subject to agreement. The International Office is happy to assist. Please address any questions about the formal hosting guidelines to the finance department.
  • If you intend to organise an excursion outside Kempten when hosting a guest, you must request authorisation for a business trip in advance for this to be counted as working time and for insurance purposes.

Erasmus+ for business representatives from abroad

Eligibility – general information:

  • Member of staff from a different institution located in another Erasmus+ country (public or private enterprises, research facilities, foundations, etc.)
  • Minimum stay at Kempten University of Applied Sciences 2 days (excluding travel days)
  • At least 8 classes per calendar week of stay
  • Repeat subsidies are possible, although if a selection has to be made, first-time applicants will be prioritised.

Level of subsidy:

  • The subsidy amount relates to travel expenses + subsistence costs.
  • It is paid in advance (prior to the trip) directly to the lecturer (personal subsidy).
  • The amount is calculated based on fixed itemised costs.

Further information:

  • Further information and the relevant forms can be found in the HKE-Wiki/Universityunder: “Guest lecturers > Incoming guest lecturers” 
  • Further information about the EU mobility programme can be found at ERASMUS+ .