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Lectures for international students

At Kempten University of Applied Sciences, courses are taught in German. In addition, a limited number of lectures are conducted in English. Our exchange students are welcome to attend classes in either language, to suit their abilities.

Choice of subjects and enrolment

Exchange students (except in a few exceptional cases) can study whatever subjects they choose, so you will attend normal lectures alongside German classmates. This quickly puts you in touch with other students at Kempten, which will also help you to swiftly improve your proficiency in German and become familiar with the system at our university. 

You can find a list of the courses that we offer listed under the different degree programmes. You can also check the content of specific courses in the Module Handbooks.

The precise timetables are only published at the start of each semester. During the orientation fortnight, assistance with compiling your personal timetable is available from the International Office .

Lectures in English and language courses

Kempten University of Applied Sciences conducts a number of lectures in English, which exchange students are eligible to attend. Some of these courses have limited class sizes (e.g. specialist modules), for which the faculties are responsible for selecting the students. This makes it very important for you to already inform the International Office of the courses you would like to take at Kempten UAS during the application process, so you will be asked to upload your Learning Agreement in our applications portal.

The language courses run by the university (e.g. German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, etc.) are of course also open to all exchange students. However, you should be aware that languages are taught in German.
You can find an outline of the lectures conducted in English and the foreign language courses run by Kempten University of Applied Sciences here.

Learn German

During the Orientation Fortnight, we offer all exchange students an pre-sessional course to get them settled in Germany and brush up any previous knowledge of the language.

Throughout the semester, we run German language courses at various levels, for 4 hours each week (4 ECTS Credit Points per course). Our exchange students are very welcome to attend the most suitable course for their requirements!

You can find out more on the webpages of our Language Centre.

Transcript of records

After completing your semester abroad, confirmation of your examination results at Kempten University of Applied Sciences will be sent to you and your home university. For the winter semester, these are generally sent out in mid-March; for the summer semester, early September. However, you can already check and print out your grades for the winter semester from around 20 February and for the summer semester from around 8 August via MeinCampus.

You can find information about the grading system used at Kempten University of Applied Sciences here